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5 Best Practices for Healthy Teeth


Aug. 19 2021, Updated 9:17 p.m. ET

Whether you are a proponent of using cosmetic procedures or remain confident in your natural appearance, you might agree that a picture-perfect smile remains important for both types of lifestyles.

Besides boosting your confidence left, right, and center, healthy teeth also contribute to your physical health. In addition to lowering the risk for multiple diseases, they also let you stay away from extensive dental procedures.

To make sure that you can reap all these rewards, you simply need to adopt a few daily activities. In order to help you with this approach, here are 5 best practices for maintaining healthy teeth.

1. Adopt Daily Hygiene

Similar to washing your face or taking a shower everyday, it is highly important that you clean your teeth on a daily basis. Otherwise, you can pave the way for conditions such as bad breath, plaque, gum disease, and even heart disease.

In this aspect, it’s recommended that you brush your teeth in the morning and night everyday. You can also add natural floss to your dental hygiene regime to keep the areas between your teeth and gums clean. Additionally, utilizing a high quality mouthwash can further reduce the risk of gingivitis or gum disease. Whatever you do, don’t forget to brush your tongue for overall cleanliness.

2. Find a Primary Dentist

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, enlisting the services of a dentist is a non-avoidable practice. From helping with annual cleanings to answering questions like “how much does an X Ray cost?”, your dentist can take care of your regular and urgent needs. This allows you to keep your teeth in optimal shape and health.

This particular aspect also helps you with cosmetic dentistry procedures such as getting professional teeth whitening or dental veneers. As a result, you can improve your natural teeth to achieve your ideal smile. This goes a long way towards helping you increase your self-confidence.

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3. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Apart from making way for a myriad of serious diseases, smoking and alcohol consumption are highly harmful to your teeth. From tooth decay to gum disease, they can expose your teeth to a variety of challenging conditions. If you don’t put a stop to these habits, you can lose some or most of your teeth to them.

To leave these habits behind, you can use a variety of approaches. In addition to seeking professional help, you can use a digital therapeutic app to aid in your journey. Joining support groups can also help in a lot of cases. But ultimately, this decision and its overall execution completely depends upon your level of comfort.

4. Munch on Crunchy Vegetables

Some snacks such as sugary candies, sticky foods, and potato chips are bad for your teeth. When their leftover particles stick to your teeth, they can start attacking your tooth enamel. If you consume these products regularly, they may also aid the development of bacteria that is harmful for your oral health.

Instead of these foods, you should opt for a crunchy vegetable mix. These veggies include but are not limited to carrots, cucumbers, and celery. When you bite into these veggies, they encourage the production of saliva in your mouth. This helps wash away harmful bacteria and aids in the improvement of your oral health.

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5. Increase Your Water Intake

It’s no secret that proper hydration is critical to your health. But many people don’t know the larger benefits of drinking water for dental health. When you drink water throughout your day, you are able to wash away any lingering food particles that are left in your mouth after you eat or drink something.

This is especially helpful if you drink water immediately after consuming sugary or acidic foods. This ensures that their leftover particles do not attack your tooth enamel. In case you need constant reminders for motivation, you can invest in a smart water bottle that comes with its own mobile app to give you notifications.

By following these best practices, you can make sure that you are able to maintain your smile with minimal issues. This also contributes to your overall wellbeing and lets you enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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