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Baby Steps to Moving Off the Grid


Jul. 29 2019, Published 8:13 p.m. ET

As data privacy becomes less and less “private,” you may be wanting to flee for the outskirts and live completely off the grid. While the idea may seem charming, there are a lot of factors that go into living a comfortable, off the grid lifestyle. After all, the only way to live truly unrecognized is merely impossible without homelessness. I’d assume you want shelter, and access to money, food, and medicine. But, there are ways to have all three of those and keep your privacy. Here are the baby steps to living off the grid: 


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Pick the perfect off the grid destination

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This can be anywhere, but there are some places where you’d be better off living an untraceable lifestyle. For example, some places have lower property taxes than others, more resources, better climates, etc. One site suggests that Maine, Texas, and Montana are the top three places to live off the grid

Here, you can find the perfect affordable plot for a tiny home. Tiny homes, additionally, would be the best option if you’re wanting to live comfortably. They’re relatively easy and affordable to create on your own (with the help of a contractor). Tiny homes are also way more energy efficient (most have solar panels) and force you to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Plus, they are completely customizable, and can honestly be swankier than most full sized homes (see below). And, most importantly, they’re mobile. You can switch up your off grid destination at almost any time.  

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How to make money

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If you want to live truly off the grid, a nine to five won’t be ideal. There are, however, so many things you can do to make money. You can start a blog, or write a book about your off-gridding experience. If you have a talent, like making cool crafts or furniture, start selling it

Live more sustainable

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Self-sustaining yourself, food wise, is a really big challenge. While it may seem ideal to grow your own food, there is no way to get sufficient proteins and other nutrients you need from just growing a few vegetable plants. What you can do, however, is start growing the food that you can, and making small grocery trips for the other things that you may need. If you want to be off the grid completely, pay in cash or check. Data sites do track your debit or credit card purchasing information, even offline

off the grid

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Get rid of your cell phone, get rid of social media

You would not truly be off the grid if you’re Instagramming it the whole time. In my opinion, dwelling on social media sites would defeat the whole purpose. While you’re at it, you may as well get rid of your cell phone and get a landline. Most smart phone applications track your phone’s browser history, purchasing history, messages, location, and more

I would say to just get rid of internet or WiFi connection completely, but in today’s society, that’s just unrealistic. Without social media and a smart phone, however, you can get the feel of being removed from society and its pressures

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