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YouTuber Gets DHS Visit Over an ‘Anti-American Sentiment’


Dec. 2 2020, Updated 8:29 p.m. ET

The stated goal of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is “to protect the nation from the many threats we face.” The wording brings to mind terrorism, espionage and national security concerns. But according to YouTuber Second Thought, it also involves grilling civilians for content critical of U.S Policy.

On November 2, JT Chapman (Second Thought) tweeted that two DHS officers had come to his home to ask about his videos.

He reports that nothing came of the visit and opines that the purpose was simply to intimidate him. But if DHS officers are grilling civilians for expressing opinions, that is major concern. It is not the first time concerns have been raised about the DHS and free speech.

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Chapman notes in a later thread (which we’ll get to) that the video that prompted the visit was one about the rampant problem of police brutality in America. The video opens with the words of Martin Luther King played over images, past and present, of police terrorizing protestors. Chapman talks about the legacy of King and how those who criticize the current BLM movement either ignorantly or deliberately misinterpret it. He criticizes those who care more if property is damaged than if a person is killed. Then he calls out police misconduct during the BLM protests, all the while playing video evidence of the brutality and misconduct. You can watch it here, but be aware it contains upsetting scenes.

What part of that sounds like a threat to America? And how free is America if police officers can kill you without consequence, and government officials come to your house if you if you talk about it too loudly?

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Chapman also reports that a recent video on the CIA has been censored by YouTube

As previously mentioned, Chapman indicated that the DHS were responding to the police brutality video in a more recent thread. That thread concerned the reaction to his most recent video “The CIA Is A Terrorist Organization.”

The video is about the history of the CIA overthrowing democratically elected leaders in foreign countries and installing brutal tyrants to further U.S interests. All of what is said in the video includes public knowledge and unclassified CIA documents. Towards the end of the video, he mentions that the CIA has contracts with various media companies, including Google. (The US military also has deals with Hollywood).

Chapman reports that the video was demonetized. His subscribers told him that the video did not appear in their subscription feeds and they had not been notified. He also says that people told him they could not find the video when searching for the title word for word. When he questioned YouTube, they tweeted that this was because the video was new. Chapman responded to that explanation with the below.

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The most important aspect of free speech is the ability express dissent and criticize those in power. Do not be fooled by conservative grifters who say that SJW’s and college activists are the ones threatening it. McCarthyism wasn’t targeting right-wingers and edgy comedians. The DHS isn’t showing up to peoples homes telling them to use the right pronouns.

Chapman’s final tweet in the thread about the CIA video sum up the situation best:

“Be aware of the fact that free speech is a myth, we are not immune to propaganda, and that big corporations are complicit in helping suppress freedom and democracy around the world”.

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