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Women, Religion and Relationships


Jan. 14 2019, Updated 2:51 a.m. ET

You meet a guy. You hit it off. Then he tells you that his religion doesn’t allow him to be with you.

But he’s having sex with you.

But he’s emotionally investing in you?

PSA: Ladies, don’t fall for these men. Partnering up should not include a Build-A-Girlfriend workstation.

Growing up women are taught that men want one thing. This leads into discussions of purity and chastity which tend to stem from religion. The lessons are always pushed on women to figure it all out or risk ruining their life. The answers seem to always lead to the proper way to appease men.

What about what women want?

People in general are versed in the benevolence of an all seeing God. A benevolence that seems to end when women “disrespect themselves.” With this in mind, it seems like the idea of this God is extremely forgiving of men.

While men voice their standards regarding their own religions, they tend to push the boundaries on women who are then forced to make the limitations these men should be making in the first place. Of course, the fault doesn’t fall solely on the men. The problem is the entire ideology surrounding the beliefs of these religions.

If being with a woman who is not of a certain religion isn’t condoned in that religion, why continue to invest in her affection. That line should immediately be cut off.

The idea of God and religion is goodness. Safety. An escape. A paradise. Heaven.

Men follow religion on their own grounds. A forgiving God will forgive them for it so they don’t necessarily follow rules. They don’t have to. Their guilt while having sex with you is not guilt for your feelings. It’s guilt from their own inability to to practice self-control. Your feelings are secondary. God will always come first.

So ladies, if you find yourself in this predicament, realize that “goodness” is relative. Everyone has their own definitions and standards for it. A man invested in God is not always a man invested in your well-being (which should be the priority in your own standard of goodness). If you choose to convert, your safety and happiness are very important. Don’t be afraid to make an amazing lifetime a part of your demands.


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