Never Chase Them Sis!


Oct. 12 2017, Published 1:55 p.m. ET

This is dedicated to all my romantics out there. My chick-flick fanatics…

I see way too many women around me doing the chasing and not enough of just sitting back and letting him break a sweat. It’s a given that times have changed and we’re in fact in the year 2017. Feminism has reached it’s peak and women have made it crystal clear that they are, in all aspects, equal to their partners. However, it has made the dating scene a little confusing (as if it isn’t already so). Men are taking the back seat in the name of “equality” and seem to forget what persistence and effort is. Romance? Once a normal occurrence now reduced to just a mere myth. Gone are the days where men would sit down cracking their heads trying to find ways to woo their women. Fret not, these reasons to stop those pretty feet of yours from doing the chasing will turn the tables around, change the game and make him move!

  • Tease Them : Absolutely harmless but oh-so effective. Don’t make it easy for them to have your time. Remember, your time is precious and for anyone to occupy it they must put in effort. So tease them, suggest things you would do together come the time you two actually meet. Make it sound amazing and make them want to see you. Dodge a few times before finally saying yes! Consider reading this link from Psychology Today to know the difference between flirting and teasing.
  • You Deserve To Know If He’s Serious : Casual hookups have become part of today’s culture. And for us romantics, it’s heartbreaking! So by staying still and seeing if he’ll come to you, you get to see where he stands. Is he looking for something temporary or long term? Most importantly is to see if it matches up to what you want.
  • Know Your Standards : By now you’re probably thinking of your mom and the umpteenth time she’s repeated this to you. But word from the wise…this is true. I’ve had days where I did the chasing blindly and I lost my way through it. Not chasing allows you to understand where your standards lie because you get to take the time to observe their efforts instead.
  • Make Him Respect You : Another word that begins with “R” that’s also becoming a myth? Respect. If you’re not being chased after, you will be trampled over. He will know where you draw your lines and what boundaries not to cross if he is the one having to work to have you.
  • Survival Of The Fittest : Think of this as a filtration process. Sitting back to see which ones run, which ones crawl and which ones sit gives you a clearer vision of who is worthy and who is not.

So, sit back, relax and know that you got this!

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