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What are Your Relationship Boundaries, B****?


Jun. 13 2018, Published 8:19 p.m. ET

When it comes to relationships, each couple has a different set of rules. For Raashaun (aka DJ Envy) and Gia Casey, their rule book might be a little less strict than others’.

The radio DJ recently posted a screenshot of a text thread between him and his wife. The two were joking about a fake emergency at home when Envy pulled out the b-word… I’m not talking about “babe.”

“Don’t scare me b****,” he wrote back to her.

With that, the comments erupted. Many thought the comment was inappropriate and disrespectful, while others understand the couples’ playful nature. The two followed up with a more detailed response on their podcast, The Casey Crew.

“That’s our relationship, we have fun,” said Envy. To which, Gia agreed and continued by saying “I would think it would be laughing faces (in my comments), but it was all these high-horse people, righteous people, fist-in-the-air people.”

Are you Team Casey and think that their conversation was nbd, or are you in the comments section calling out their casual banter?

Regardless of which side you’re on, we can agree that setting relationship boundaries are important early on. These are a few lines that relationship experts say need to be defined in the early stages of a relationship.

Name Calling

In the Casey’s situation, they know what is and is not acceptable to say. For some, name calling adds to the joke. For others, it is the ultimate sign of disrespect. Being upfront about any trigger words or labels is important to maintain a playful relationship without crossing the line.

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Stop, Don’t Touch Me There. This is my No-No Square!

Another big don’t is disregarding your partner’s sexual limits. Consent is not just for one-night stands, it’s also for longterm situations. Communicating and consenting with all partners is important – legally and to show that you aren’t a selfish lover. Whether you’re celibate or ready to cross all the bases, discussing what turns you on and off is important – and can be sexy foreplay.

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Social Media Standards

In the age of likes and retweets, explaining what is and is not appreciated from bae is important. Maybe scrolling and staring is okay, but liking someone else’s pic is enough to start a fight. Or you don’t care about what happens on the ‘Gram as long as it doesn’t go down in the DMs. Be clear about what you do and don’t want to see in your notifications.

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Social media, sex, and statements are just a few things that couples can establish to ensure a respectful relationship and understanding. What are some other boundaries you like to set for

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