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Top 10 Thanksgiving Clapbacks


Nov. 20 2018, Updated 6:45 p.m. ET

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You know what that means! Getting together with a bunch of emotionally disturbed adults to share meals and unadulterated laughs. This happens at the expense of anyone’s feelings. Here are our top ten Thanksgiving clapbacks gathered from all walks of the internet. If someone tries you at the Thanksgiving table, end them. Watch the light leave their eyes and let the roast session begin:


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Mhm I wasn’t drinking when I was 16
Me: can’t drink when ya pregnant #thanksgivingclapback

I mean…..that’s a fact though. 🤷🏾


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Cousin: yo skinny ass can’t finish that plate
Me: your dumbass can’t finish high school #thanksgivingclapback

This one is pretty tame but necessary. Don’t let anybody talk about your body.


Aunt:”do you have a girlfriend yet?”
Me:”is your son out of prison yet?”#thanksgivingclapback

— GobbleGobble Chobani (@_CHOBANI_) October 27, 2017 (via pizzabottle.co)



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Some people don’t know how to stay out of your personal life. Get in theirs too.


Aunt:”I heard your grades struggling”
Me:”just like that relationship”#ThanksgivingClapback

— F L E X ?? (@flexyquotezNovember 4, 2017

It’s 2018. Hurt them right back.


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I mean….your body your choice….


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Some people just ask for it….


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*spits out tea*

Sometimes family can bring out the worst in us. That’s probably the real reason why Friendsgiving exists. No one has time for that negativity.

Despite all the drama that accompanies family get togethers, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving dinner.

You’re welcome.


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