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‘Sorry To Bother You’ But Spoilers Ahead!


Jul. 26 2018, Published 6:20 p.m. ET

With a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, and an original screenplay by debut filmmaker Boots Riley, ‘Sorry To Bother You‘ is a TRIP.

On the surface, ‘Sorry To Bother You‘ is about a black man, Cassius, who finds his inner-white voice and becomes successful.

But man. Oh MAN.

That layer below the surface makes this movie worth watching in theaters.

The film brings capitalism, code-switching, racism, viral fame and even a little bit of feminism to the forefront.

The “Critic Consensus” on Rotten Tomatoes reads, “Fearlessly ambitious, scathingly funny, and thoroughly original, Sorry to Bother You loudly heralds the arrival of a fresh filmmaking talent in writer-director Boots Riley.”

*Spoilers Ahead*

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‘Sorry To Bother You’ Detroit

If you haven’t checked out the genre of this film, it’s not your average comedy. It’s also a sci-fi/fantasy film.

The “ambitious” part of it is not even the messages which some may deem as radical. The “ambitious” part of it is what makes it a sci-fi film. There are absolutely no clues to this surreal part of it in the film’s trailer. This is as far as I want the spoilers to go because in order to get the full experience of the movie you would really need to go see it. Personally, at one point of the movie, I legitimately thought I was high.

I looked over at my best friend whose mouth was agape before she burst into laughter, turned to me and asked “am I high!?”

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This movie has the makings of a cult-classic as it creates a complete alternate world. Boots Riley managed to create a place not easily forgotten.

Their popular “Cola” drink which is featured in the movie’s interpretation of viral fame plays a part in not escaping our heads. Pun Intended (you’ll have to see the movie). Its popular game-show , “I Got The Shit Kicked Out Of Me”, is a testament to how messed up their world is which hits pretty close to home given some of the things that make up our own pop culture. Even Cassius’s girlfriend, Detroit, plays such a vital role in the film that it’s hard not to see her as the main character as well. Her electric earrings, cotton-candy hair, bold statements and overall fashion create a person so cool and unique there’s no way she won’t be the star of cosplayers or 2018’s Halloween parties.

Sorry To Bother You‘ is a universe you’d be sorry to miss out on.

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