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SIRAPOP Makes Fashion Sustainable and Ethical


Jul. 12 2019, Published 5:50 p.m. ET

One of the largest environmental concerns is fast fashion, which has become nearly synonymous with brands like Zara and Forever 21. However, what most people don’t know is that high-end fashion houses contribute to this issue as well. That’s why the brand SIRAPOP, founded in 2018, set out to change these norms within the high-end fashion world.


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The brand, which makes a handful of pieces from biodegradable fur, was founded by two Parsons School of Design graduates. SirapopGabbyDechraska and Sofia Ortiga head the brand, using their experience in design and passion for sustainability.

“Real fur is an organic product,” Ortiga explained. “Fur is durable and wearable for a long time, but after a while, the pelts of the fur starts to wear off, completing their natural life cycle. This makes the fur completely biodegradable.”

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While fur is environmentally friendly, most people hear the word and become wary of ethical issues. But SIRAPOP ensures that all of their fur is sourced in a humane way. They buy their furs and products from Funtastic Furs, which sources furs solely from farms who are completely transparent about their methods and treatment.

“One’s job as a designer is to create, and designers should be educating their consumers as they create,” said Dechraska. “It is very important to be transparent about one’s practices as a designer and even more important, to be willing to be open to discuss it.”


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What makes SIRAPOP unique is its made to order model, eliminating unnecessary over production. That means no waste, no extra clothes lying around that could potentially be discarded in an unethical way. Both Gabby and Sofia realized that the mainstream method of over production does not benefit the brand nor the consumer.

“Starting from how and where we source our fabric to questioning the retail system, SIRAPOP uses his passion for design to attack a bigger issue in consumerism,” said Dechraska. “Our goal is to redefine the definition of sustainability.”

Overall, SIRAPOP is planning to shake-up the fashion world by introducing a new meaning to sustainability. Through their brand, Dechraska and Ortiga seek to stimulate conversation, educate, and re-imagine the world of high-end fashion in a sustainable manner.

Ortiga added, “as a young and emerging brand, we believe that ethical practices not only consist of being eco-friendly but of building a mindful and educated community that share our same vision on design.”

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