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Sexual Double Standard


Sep. 20 2017, Published 9:42 p.m. ET

The sexual double standard in society is all too prevalent. Today on my morning commute to work, I was listening to one of my favorite podcast Angela Yee’s Lip Service. The podcast features popular radio host Angela and her two co-host Stephanie Santiago and Gigi McQuire. On the show, they discuss sex and relationships with a different celebrity each week. This particular episode featured swimsuit designer and entrepreneur Tammy Rivera (who was also featured on the cover of Bombshell. Check that out here). 

The interview was going smoothly, as they usually do, however, a certain comment caught my attention. The ladies were discussing if they ever had a sexual experience with another woman before, and to no surprise, 3/4 of the of the women did, but they all consider themselves to still be heterosexual. When Angela asked how would they feel if the man that they were dating had a sexual encounter once with another man years before they meet, what would be their reactions. To no surprise all of the ladies said they would not be with that man after finding out that information! One of host, (I won’t say names) even went as far as to say that that man is “forever gay” for dealing with another man in that way.

I have no judgement in who anyone chooses to share their body with. The problem lies where women are allowed to explore their sexual curiosity freely, and are still allowed to label themselves how they want. Whereas men are only allowed to fit into two categories, straight and gay, and to be completely honest, any hint of femininity in a man can cause him to be placed into the gay box, whether he is or not.

Overall, men definitely have more privilege than women do, so maybe this is a petty topic to complain about, but at the end of the day, when will we allow people to find themselves without persecution?

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