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Post-Grad: Advice for Living with Your Parents (… Again)


Jul. 24 2018, Published 8:25 p.m. ET

Were you a part of the Class of 2018? Class of 2017? Maybe you’re graduating in 2019 or even 2020? Regardless, of when you move on and out from the life you knew so well, there’s a choice you’re probably already considering: Should I move back home? To some, it’s a no-brainer, yet to others, it’s a back-and-forth internal dispute between sacrificing your independence and freedom just to pay off student loans. What should you do, post-grad? Well, that choice is up to you, but if you do decide to move back home, here is some advice!

Figure Out Your “Escape Plan” Early:

Life will most likely be a little crazy at home as you try to figure out who you are in this new environment. You’re not in high school, but you’re not in college. It’s something completely new. So, figure out how you’ll save enough money to get the hell out of there, before you realize years have gone by. I’d say a good plan is to stay at home about a year. Two years, if you really can last that long, and six months for those who are extremely eager to be socially-free, yet broke from paying rent.

Live With Respect:

Before you get comfortable and settled again living with people twice your age, realize that they probably don’t want you there as much as you don’t want to be there. They sacrificed their lives enough to raise you and get you through college, and now, they’re probably relieved to focus on their own lives again. So, live with respect. While you most likely live rent-free, don’t eat all their food and become a leech practically overnight. Make sure to help out as much as you can and contribute to expenses if needed. Don’t fight — you’re legally an adult, so they technically don’t need to do anything for you anymore.

Most Importantly, Realize You’re Under Your Parents’ Roof (and Rules):

Realize early on that you’re underneath your parents’ roof, and thus, you don’t make the rules. Hear them out, and discuss anything that bothers you (ex: the food they make, chores, staying out late, etc.). If you discuss it before fighting about it later, your argument comes across more mature and adult-like. Plus, you may even get your way. Recognize that your parents’ rules and/or attitude probably won’t change drastically, though. You were the one who experienced a change — not them. So, they probably still have the same mindset from when you were in high school.

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