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Inside Zoë Kravitz's Wellness World: Diet, Fitness, and Mindfulness


Jul. 16 2023, Published 11:55 p.m. ET

Zoë Kravitz is one of those actresses who needs no introduction. If, in the past, she was often presented as 'the daughter of,' she has long proven herself in the world of Hollywood. Never the last to take on challenges, her last notable role, Catwoman in The Batman film, was a major one.

This role is known for an iconic costume that would put a lot of pressure on any actress. She had to be at the level of her colleagues who had donned this costume before her — Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer...

Zoë Kravitz's Wellness and Diet Regimens During Challenging Times

Here are some critical wellness and balanced diet routines the actress follows that were key in preparing her to play one of the sexiest characters in the DC Comics franchise and she still follows to an extent today.

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Regular Workouts

Zoë Kravitz confessed to how she followed digital training sessions by Zoom throughout the COVID-19 confinement.

She trained five days a week with her coach, David Higgins. A rather intense rhythm that was punctuated by two days off (usually the weekend) to allow the body to recover.

The coach's training methods are based on:

● Pilates which strengthens the muscles; ● Weight training to gain strength; ● Stretching to keep the muscles thin and long.

There was a lot of emphasis placed on the abs.

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Zoë Kravitz's Vegan Diet And Food Choices

The actress also follows a vegan diet. She eats everything as long as it stays within the limits of veganism and in reasonable quantities. However, she has mentioned that she sometimes eats meats that are sourced ethically, but her two guilty pleasures are red wine (always in moderation) and peanut butter.

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“I was raised vegan. My mom would always make quinoa with squash and kale, hippie stuff like that,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “Now I eat meat, but I try to be conscious about where it's coming from. But I stick to mostly vegan health food just because it's how I grew up.”

Avoiding Processed Foods And Drinking A Lot Of Water

Her other well-being secret? She drinks a lot of water daily, which helps cleanse the body of all impurities and toxins, and avoids processed foods.

“I try eating well — making sure you're eating greens or steamed veggies, or stuff that doesn't have a lot of oil or chemicals," she told Elle in 2018. "But if you want to go to McDonald's every once in a while, do it! But it's about clean food that hasn't been processed."

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Zoë Kravitz Struggled With an Eating Disorder for Years

In an interview with Complex in 2015, the star also spoke about her 10 years of eating disorders. She felt terrible about herself and thought that being thinner would make her feel more confident.

However, this period was punctuated by a lot of suffering, which allowed her to understand that deprivation was of no use.

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Fortunately, the star has worked through her eating disorder thanks to her role in The Road Within, sharing, “It made me not only confront my demons, but also realize and accept an insecurity that’s still there, and [that it’s] easy to fall back into that pattern.I feel like something has left my body, like some part of me is gone now, something that was making me so insecure. And it feels amazing.”

Today, her ultimate guilty pleasure is a glass of whiskey.

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