Zim Ugochukwu

Zim Ugochukwu's ‘Travel Noire’: Celebrating Black Travelers


Sep. 21 2023, Published 2:05 a.m. ET

When it comes to travel, Zim Ugochukwu is turning the game upside down with her brainchild, Travel Noire. This online platform is no ordinary travelogue — it rewrites the script of what it means to be a Black traveler.

So let us take a closer look at Travel Noire, which adds new energy to the world of exploring, under the watchful eye of Zim.

A Different View: Breaking Stereotypes with ‘Travel Noire’

Unlike many of the other travel sites you will find online, Travel Noire is more like a vibe and a community that looks to celebrate Black travelers. Since travel stories often overlook the experiences of Black people, Zim thought it was high time to create a space that speaks directly to Africa's own. No longer a square peg in a round hole, Travel Noire is about highlighting unique narratives and journeys.

“The reason I started Travel Noire was because I didn’t see anyone who looked like me,” she told The Cut. “What works in our favor is this innate understanding of what it’s like to be ‘the other.’ Creating a space where people can delight in themselves no matter where they are is really important.”

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The platform will show you the hottest destinations. Yet it is also a virtual journal of true travel tales by black adventurers. From the hustle and bustle of Marrakech's markets to the quiet beaches of Bali, Travel Noire puts its human touch on each trip. It is an invitation to see the world from a different angle.

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The Switch from Corporate Employee to Globetrotter

At the center of this movement is Zim Ugochukwu, a true go-getter who swapped her office job for an adventurer's life. But Travel Noire did not just begin with Zim. She became its face, telling her story about the world as a black traveler. A move from the corporate world to the globetrotter scene is not merely about changing jobs in her eyes. It is a mission to redefine what travel means for black people.

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Zim is no ordinary CEO. She is the friend whose travel notes you consult. With her laid-back style and simple storytelling, she is a name that ordinary folks can get behind in the world of travel blogging. With Travel Noire, she is not just handing out pretty pictures. She provokes dialogue about the highs and lows of being a black traveler. It is as if you have a friend leading you through unknown travel territory.

Beyond Backpacks: The Impact of ‘Travel Noire’

Travel Noire is not just some website. It is a movement that sends ripples out into the world. Its impact stretches beyond showing off fancy spots because it is about shaking up the travel industry. Zim Ugochukwu's brainchild is a rebel, nudging travel brands to open their eyes to diversity. By putting the spotlight on black travel, Travel Noire is making destinations rethink how they sell themselves.

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Travel Noire started with free webinars, and then expanded to Travel Noire TV and Travel Noire Experiences, becoming a virtual hangout for Black travelers. Through social media and meet-ups, it is knitting connections and sparking up conversations.

“Our job is to take people from where they are and transform them. A lot of people who go on our trips are at a certain stage in their life — they’re about to make a big decision, trying to figure out if they want to leave their job, if they want to go to graduate school or had a close family member pass away,” she explained. “Every itinerary we create keeps emotions top of mind.”

Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or just starting with one suitcase, Travel Noire is saying, "You fit right in here." Zim Ugochukwu's Travel Noire is like a fresh breeze in the travel world. It is high time the story got bigger, and Travel Noire is leading the charge.

With Zim steering the ship, it is a platform that is also a movement that celebrates community and Black travelers making their mark on the world, one journey at a time.

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