Zaya Wade

In Conversation with Zaya Wade: Insights on Growing Up Transgender


Dec. 3 2023, Published 8:08 p.m. ET

Zaya Wade’s incredible journey as a transgender was filled with numerous challenges but her remarkable story is quite inspiring especially for those still struggling to accept who they are. Zaya Wade has been invited to several talk shows and interviews where she publicly shares her journey how she became an advocate for the transgender community and the agony and triumphs one should expect as a transgender.

She is the child of famous actress, Gabrielle Union and retired professional basketballer, Dwayne Wade. Zaya Wade has granted lots of interviews including the famous Essence Online Magazine where she told her story of struggling with her gender. “What’s the point of being on this Earth if you are going to try to be someone you are not…”- Zaya Wade.

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On Some of the Challenges She Faced in Her Transgender Journey

Zaya was consistent in answering this question posed to her by journalists. According to her, navigating societal norms and expectations was her primary challenge. She faced most of these challenges from her friends and family. Dealing with discrimination and misconceptions as a result of a lack of awareness about transgender people seems to be her major issue. She recognizes the need to educate the public consistently about transgender people.

On How She Overcome Her Challenges

Zaya pointed out that she got support from her parents and several family members after opening honest conversations with them. She emphasized that educating people around her also helped a great deal with her situation. She pointed out that seeking support from the LGBTQ+ community and allied organizations helped her a great deal in navigating the challenges. Most importantly, Zaya’s self-acceptance and learning about her identity helped a lot to handle her situation much better.

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Zaya seems to have found a sense of belonging after joining a number of the LGBTQ communities. She has become so emboldened in her quest for liberation that she is now an advocate for the rights and visibility of transgenders, especially in the black communities, worldwide. In her words “Advocating for transgender rights is an incredible, empowering journey for me”.

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On the Advice She Will Give Individuals Going Through Transgender Journey

Zaya advised individuals passing through a similar journey to first know they are not alone, and then seek support from trusted family, friends, organizations, and groups. She pointed out that self-acceptance is a journey, hence the need to surround oneself with positivity and understanding. She wants transgender people to know their identity is valid, and they should take positive steps at their own pace to achieve the best possible results.

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Zaya’s Inspirational Story Continues to Empower the Transgender Community

Zaya conveniently shares her story with media experts on many occasions and some of her stories have been published in magazines, journals, and many other print media. She is also active on several social media networks where she empowers and motivates transgender communities and her followers to always take charge of their identity.

She currently has millions of followers and her podcasts about her incredible journey can be seen on YouTube. While Zaya continues to make progress in her advocacy agenda for the transgender, she is making giant strides in her entertainment and fashion endeavors too. She is being featured on several fashion shows, runways, and movies all across the world.

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