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Zandra Cunningham's Youth Workshops Are Making Science Fun and Practical


Aug. 23 2023, Published 8:53 p.m. ET

Zandra Cunningham is a business mogul. She established her business, Zandra Beauty, with the help of her family when she was 9 years old. A few years after its launch, her business experienced significant growth. Part of the reason for the success was that she used natural ingredients in the product formulation. With her success at an early age, she has been working to inspire the youth to follow in her footsteps. An approach she is taking is creating workshops that train young people on entrepreneurship and her product-making process.

Learning How to Make Beauty Products

During the “Science Behind It” workshops, participants are organized into groups, which helps them strengthen their learning. Even with such a setup, the students will undoubtedly make mistakes in the product formulation, compromising the quality of the final product. To ensure they're on the right path, Zandra helps them identify the root cause of their problems. When students identify their mistakes, they become confident about trying again. This is important in helping them create beauty products on their own.

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When she started her business, Zandra admits she had to watch many DIY videos on making beauty products. She followed the procedures as advised, but her products looked different. It wasn't until after several trial and error that she perfected the skill of making skin care products.

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Helping the Youth Achieve Success in Business

Zandra created the workshop to help the youth learn how to make beauty products and sell them at a profit. During the workshop, participants were required to complete a "Shark Tank Style" competition by pitching their ideas and building a mock business. Zandra then assesses the presentations of each student based on their knowledge of the products and the branding and marketing of the products. The feedback students receive from such sessions is vital to helping them create a flourishing business.

“STEAM education helped me to create and build an award-winning company. Our focus on nutrient-rich natural skincare products involves multiple chemical principles to achieve the best formulas, requiring a good knowledge of how to apply science, tech,math, and creativity,” she told Black News. I’“m excited to work with schools and organizations to introduce students to the opportunities that a STEAM education can offer.”

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Through the mentorship offered at Zandra's training programs, the youth are inspired to follow their passion for becoming successful in their business. For instance, those who register for the Young Mogul Prep School learn valuable lessons on developing a thriving business.

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Learning the Practical Application of Science

If you’re a student, there’s a chance that you didn’t like going to science class. It could probably be because of the boring formulas and complicated terminologies. Zandra is changing how students perceive science by making formulating beauty products fun and easy. Ideally, she trains students on how to apply science, art, and creativity to make products that are unique in the market.

Part of the steps involved in her process is using plant extracts to formulate her lip bums. She offers to share her product creation process to inspire many more people to create products that don’t have adverse side effects.

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Inspiring the Youth to Success

Very few people can start a business at an early age, and Zandra is one of the few exceptions. Her motivation to try out different formulations caught the attention of her parents, who helped her start and grow her beauty product business. Now, with the success, she’s mentoring the youth to become business owners by showing them the process she followed.

She’s glad that many people benefit from her workshops and science program that teaches them how to make the products.

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