Viola Davis’s New Production Company: Stories That Matter


Oct. 10 2023, Updated 6:22 p.m. ET

Viola Davis, one of the current popular black actresses has partnered with her husband, Julius Tennon, to form a movie production outfit known as “Juvee Productions”, to bring to the screen stories that matter. The duo have continued to work together and many of the movies, documentaries, and series they produced for theaters, television, and film have won many recognitions and awards. There is one motive behind the formation of this production line, and that is to re-awaken the consciousness of their audiences to issues that matter, especially in minority communities across the country.

Emerging Artist Series

One of the recent works Viola Davis's production platform is working on is the five-part series, “Emerging Artist Series”. This has been one of her most impactful projects in recent times because it brings the spotlight on the struggles and challenges of emerging artists. Viola believes that the dream of every aspiring artist is within reach but they must believe in them to bring them to reality.

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The Emerging Artist series will take selected and auditioned young talents through a series of training and real tests to get them prepared for the film industry. Many have come to see the program as a boot camp sort of, but Viola believes it is more than that because it will bring out the best from young talents and help them work on their craft.

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How JuVee Production is Changing the Narrative and Making Impact

According to the JuVee Production page, the company hopes to make more impact in the industry and change the narrative by recreating, remaking, and re-assembling. The production company intends to recruit and mentor aspiring and young artists who represent different demographics, hence they intend to include a diverse group of artists.

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The company also embraces established artists in the industry and helps them discover new sides to their talented voices and acting abilities.

Crafting Stories into a Vision

Viola Davis’ production company will not only work on building new artists, but the company intends to help story writers craft their works into a vision. They want to work on the narrative point of storytelling and film production so they can share ideas and promote creativity. The production company believes in setting new bars for quality production and building a safer environment where all points of view are considered.

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The company works on identifying raw and authentic stories, especially those extracted from real-life situations, and then craft the stories and present them to a global audience.

Viola Davis is Committed to Changing the Way We Think

Since its conception the new production company owned by Viola has been changing the way artists, directors, and all other professionals in the movie-making business, think. One impact she has been able to make is creating new concepts and changing the narratives in the business of movie-making. With this mentality, Viola is taking the industry to new heights of creativity and inclusiveness where everyone is represented. The company also guarantees the protection of artists’ integrity and vision. The company is after the production of economical yet premium content and the organization intends to be a go-creative space for aspiring artists.

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