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'Jaguar II': Victoria Monet's Album That Solidified Her Stardom


Nov. 25 2023, Published 4:11 p.m. ET

Attracting an authentic fanbase as a female artist is no easy feat. The music industry is fast-paced. An artist has to possess something “special” to stand out and stand the test of time.

Victoria Monet’s story touches on grit, resilience, work ethic, and star quality. For those who feel like they haven’t heard of Monet, they’ve certainly heard her work.

This article will delve into Victoria Monet’s impact on the music industry and what it means for the next generation of female musicians.

The Evolution Of A Star

Every artist has a story. For Victoria Monet, the story began with songwriting. With more than a decade in the music industry, Monet began her career as a songwriter. She’s what one would term as a lyrical architect.

The first song the artist worked on was “Last Train To Paris” by Diddy Dirty Money in 2010. She didn’t hit off as an artist at first. However, thanks to her phenomenal writing, Atlantic Records took note of Monet and signed her.

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“If female vocalists sound too similar to the artists they’re writing for it gets complicated,” she told The Guardian. “People aren’t able to differentiate you from the work you’ve written for others.”

The songwriter would soon land gigs writing for the biggest names in the music industry. She is the mastermind behind Arianna Grande’s “Let Me Love You,” “Be Alright” and “Thank You, Next.”’ Monet also wrote “Memories Back Then” by T.I., B.o.B, and Kendrick Lamar.

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Chris Brown and Nas also sought Monet’s songwriting prowess in the songs “Drunk Texting” and “You Wouldn’t Understand.” Monet’s list of works goes on as she’s written several songs for Fifth Harmony, Chloe x Halle, and Brandy.

Transitioning Into A Fully-Fledged Artist

As mentioned earlier, Victoria Monet started as a songwriter. She didn’t test the waters as an artist until 2014, when she released her debut project, “Nightmares and Lullabies: Act 1.”

The musician has had a long and fruitful relationship with Ariana Grande. She has contributed to all of Ariana’s studio albums. In 2016, Monet was ready to go full-blown. She released a promotional single, ‘Do You Like It’. This would be followed by “Monopoly” in 2019, which would usher her debut album, “Jaguar"

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Despite being muted by the pandemic in 2020, songs in the “Jaguar” album, such as “Ass Like That,” “We Might Be Falling In Love,” and “Moment,” left fans longing for more. Monet was set to extend the album through its sequel, “Jaguar II.”

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Ushering In A New Era Via ‘Jaguar II’

Victoria Monet is the perfect example of why patience is a great virtue. It took her over a decade to rise to stardom as an artist. The release of “Jaguar II” cemented the artist’s spot on the global stage. The album catapults listeners through different eras, particularly the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘90s. She also added a few songs with aspects of futurism to engage the new generation of music listeners.

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“I think a lot has changed since I released Jaguar, one being that they're three years apart. There’s so much in your life that can happen in 3 years, maturity-wise,” she told Forbes. “But I also had a baby, and many of my daily routines, from how I think to my priorities and time management, have changed, directly affecting my artistry.”

Following the release of “Jaguar II,” tickets for her tour sold out in just two weeks. Monet’s immense influence cannot be understated. Her success in music has garnered her several nominations in the Grammy Awards.

Apart from getting nominated for Album of the Year, Best R&B Song, and Record of the Year in 2020, she has a staggering seven nominations for the Grammy Awards in 2024. All seven nominations stem from the success of “Jaguar II.”

In A New Element

It’s a new album and era for Victoria Monet as she is poised for mainstream domination. While she may have peaked her singing career in her 30s, Monet is certainly a source of inspiration for the new crop of female artists.

Many fans are lucky to have witnessed this empowered, visionary talent grow into the artist she yearned to be.

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