Precious Lee attends the #BoF500 Gala during Paris Fashion Week

Bold and Beautiful: Plus-Size Black Models Changing the Fashion Game


Oct. 26 2023, Published 1:05 a.m. ET

The fashion industry is a space where beauty has long been held to narrow standards, which traditionally did not include plus-size models. However, it is a new day, and the world is seeing how plus-size models boldly challenge the status quo, particularly our melanated skin models.

These exquisite Black models are not just turning heads on the runway — they are breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes, and redefining beauty standards for the next generation.

Plus-Size Black Models Are Shaping Fashion's Future

Make no mistake. The world of fashion constantly evolves. Plus-size Black models are the new shape in the industry, blazing trails to break down the walls of traditional beauty norms. They represent inclusivity and diversity on the runway, in print, and on television. Their presence not only promotes body positivity but also sparks a transformation in how society perceives beauty.

This shift is a positive signal for a future where everyone can feel represented and celebrated. Here are five prominent plus-size Black models who are spicing up the fashion world.

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Precious Lee: Paving the Runway for Diversity

Precious Lee has a runway presence that lights up a room. She is a force of natural beauty with her striking looks and fierce walk. She has walked for multiple high-profile fashion designers, including Fendi, Moschino, and Versace. She advocates for diversity in the industry, and her visibility has people talking about the importance of representation. She inspires young Black girls to love their bodies and believe that whatever is unique about themselves is beautiful.

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Brielle Anyea: Embracing Authenticity

Brielle Anyea is another standout plus-size Black model known for her stunning looks and commitment to being her authentic self. Everyone knows that filters and Photoshop often change a person’s appearance, but Brielle proudly flaunts her natural self. Her unapologetic acceptance of her curves and what others may see as imperfections is her nod to body positivity. Beyond the runway, she is a voice for self-love who encourages others to celebrate their bodies just as they are.

Nemar Parchment: Redefining Male Beauty Standards

Modeling is not gender-specific, that is for sure, and Nemar Parchment is a plus-size Black male model who also challenges industry norms in fashion. His presence has triggered talk about the lack of gender diversity in modeling. Nemar is a symbol of breaking free from limiting beauty standards. He inspires men to embrace their bodies and proves that beauty knows no size, gender, or color.

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Philomena Kwao: Advocate for Inclusivity

Philomena Kwao owns an impressive modeling portfolio and is all about inclusiveness. She often uses her platform to challenge the fashion industry to be more inclusive. As a passionate advocate for diversity, she has worked toward ensuring that plus-size ethnic models are given the spotlight they deserve. Philomena's contributions are not just measured in runway appearances but also in her commitment to creating change within the fashion industry.

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Tash Ncube: Celebrating Cultural Identity

Tash Ncube, who was born in Zimbabwe, is a plus-size Black model who is also a proud cultural ambassador. Tash's style reflects her cultural identity, which poses another challenge for the industry to recognize diverse backgrounds. Her presence in the fashion industry has opened discussions on cultural representation and acknowledging different beauty standards. Tash Ncube is a reminder that beauty is not one-size-fits-all, and every culture deserves the spotlight.

Elevating Beauty: Celebrating the Diversity of Plus-Size Black Models

Giving props to plus-size Black models elevates the idea that everyone's beauty shines. By honoring different shapes and shades, we are saying, "Hey, beauty comes in all flavors!" It's not just about fashion — it is about real people, their bodies, and shared confidence. So, we will keep celebrating the curves and colors that are our plus-size people of color. Together, let us all make the runway, the streets, and everywhere else a place where everyone feels seen, accepted, and absolutely fabulous!

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