Tracee Ellis Ross's Impressive Foray Into Voice Acting


Sep. 5 2023, Updated 3:03 a.m. ET

While Tracee Ellis Ross is known for her impeccable fashion sense, infectious smile, and incredible on-screen presence, do you know that she is also making it big as a voice actor?

Even beyond her stunning performances in front of the camera, Tracee has effortlessly crossed from live-action to animation voiceovers.

Check out her venture into voice acting and the different characters she portrays, from playing Homegirl in Little, to narrating The Runaway Bunny, and taking the lead in the upcoming animated series, Jodie.

‘Little’: Tracee Ellis Ross's Delightful Dive into Voice Acting

If you ever wondered who brought the sassy and vibrant character Homegirl to life in the 2019 movie Little, wonder no more – it is none other than Tracee Ellis Ross. In this comedic gem, Tracee lent her vocals to a character that perfectly complemented the film's humor and charm.

You know that feeling when a character's voice is as unforgettable as their on-screen presence? That is what Tracee Ellis Ross achieved in Little.

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‘The Runaway Bunny’: Tracee Ellis Ross Voices in HBO's Animated Special

Once again, in the magical world of animation, HBO featured Tracee as narrator for their animated special The Runaway Bunny, based on the renowned children’s book. It is an uncommon but fascinating moment when something as great as Tracee’s gift breathes life into beloved tales, leading audiences through an adventure.

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Additionally, through her narration, we get inside the emotionality of this classic.

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‘Jodie’: Tracee Ellis Ross Ventures into the Daria Universe

Picture the excitement of seeing your beloved character from the iconic Daria series stepping into the spotlight again — this time in a spinoff titled Jodie. Now, add to that thrill the revelation that the incredibly talented Tracee Ellis Ross is set to lend her voice to the lead character, Jodie.

It is a match made in animated heaven. Tracee appears prepared to revive Daria with her charisma and flexibility. The new and young Jodie might spice things up in the hit show that fans are sure to catch up on.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Elevates Animated Stories with Her Voice

Among many gifted voice actors, Tracee Ellis Ross stands out with her magnetic personality that fits effortlessly in every character she plays. She shows her versatility and her exploration into the animated terrain proves her vocal ability and enhances an equally celebrated acting journey. In every animated attempt, the Girlfriends star ensures that she remains a versatile personality by engraving herself in both screens and airwaves alike.

So, whether it is adding sass to a comedy, narrating an animated classic, or stepping into the shoes of an iconic animated character, Tracee Ellis Ross is getting attention in the world of voice acting, and we are here to go along for the ride!

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