Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish's Vegan Journey: Embracing Health and Happiness


Nov. 22 2023, Published 7:28 p.m. ET

Tiffany Haddish announced that she had lost over 40 pounds in 2020. To achieve all this, the well-known author, comedian and actress had to make major lifestyle changes, adopt a vegan diet and stick to a daily workout routine.

Here’s what you need to know about Tiffany Haddish’s weight loss and fitness journey and the associated dietary and lifestyle changes she had to make along the way.

Tiffany Haddish Diet and Workout Plan

To receive individualized dietary advice and workout plans, the comedian stated that she chose to go with Luther Freeman’s 30-day transformation program. The program is designed to create a customized plan that covers nutritional advice and workouts that involve strength and cardio training, after evaluating your current lifestyle and BMI.

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Tiffany had to adopt a wholesome and balanced diet to achieve the desired results. She said that she had to adhere to a vegan diet (which she admits to struggling with at first) during the 30-day program. For the actress, who has struggled with food insecurity in the past, this meant carefully choosing what she ate. To ensure that she consumed all the vegetables and fruit that the new diet called for, she invested in a home garden.

She told Harper’s Bazaar that she blends a variety of vegetables (including celery, strawberries, Swiss chards, kale and more) sourced from her home garden into a drink that she consumes in the morning. Her snacks are primarily composed of pickles, almonds and/or fruits.

To keep up with her workout plan, she bought a home gym – which came with a Peloton cycle and kettlebells among others. She also enjoys moving around whenever possible (like going up and down stairs in tall buildings) and participating in group workout classes.

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Lifestyle Changes

During her weight loss journey, Tiffany Haddish also decided to make several lifestyle changes.

Smoking: Tiffany decided to completely stop smoking back in 2018. While this meant that she had to bear with gaining some weight, which is normal after quitting cigarettes, she knew that it was the right choice to make. Working out helped her shed this extra weight.

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Gardening: The actress also took up gardening along the way, as she moved to secure a sustainable supply of the fruits and vegetables required by her new diet. She said that gardening also helped her relax and gave her time to think about her life. This helped her identify and pull out any “weeds” that were sucking her nutrients away.

While Tiffany is not 100 percent vegan, she has put in a lot of effort towards becoming healthier and stronger. She decided to adopt a healthier diet, make positive lifestyle changes and workout regularly to achieve her weight loss and fitness goals.

The outcome is an awesome physique. She has received a lot of praise for from her fans for her hard work and perseverance.

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