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Teyana Taylor’s Fitness Brand: Empowering Women Through Exercise


Sep. 19 2023, Published 9:10 p.m. ET

Kanye West's “Fade” music video sparked lots of discussions and diverse opinions, but one thing everyone seemed to agree on was how electrifying Teyana Taylor’s performance was in the video.

Everyone wanted to know Teyana’s workout routine ASAP. It seemed like, as hard as it is to overshadow Kanye West, even as a fellow rapper, someone had finally done it in his music video.

How Is Teyana Helping Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals?

Shortly after garnering massive attention from the Kanye West music video performance, she announced that she had launched her fitness program, Fade2fit, to help people get in shape. It's through this program that she’s motivating more and more women to follow and achieve their fitness goals through:

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Dance Infused Workouts

Forget the treadmill. fade2Fit takes a fun approach to fitness, centering it around fun, rhythmic routines. And you know it's not just another dance class, as it’s inspired by Teyana’s rich background as a dancer and choreographer.

Her dance-inspired routines move beyond usual fitness workouts to make exercise more accessible and fun to women who might not feel comfortable in a traditional gym setting. Her program is all about celebrating sass and curves while getting fit.

A part that many often overlook is the impact of having a synchronized workout, where both your body and mind move together. Teyana incorporates hip-hop and choreography elements, building physical strength, coordination, confidence, and self-expression.

Teyana says that her favorite part of the program is being able to build confidence in people. She says she loves seeing people crawl out of their comfort and push past their boundaries simply because they built confidence by working on themselves.

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Inclusivity and Body Acceptance

Teyana is such a vocal advocate for loving your natural body as it is. And her program is even a louder advocate for celebrating all body sizes, shapes, and ethnicities. She’s all about embracing your body’s unique story.

To take the welcoming approach a notch higher, fade2fit revolves around a supportive community where women motivate and support each other rather than competing. She’s all in for sisterhood, not competition. Since everything is rhythm-based, all you have to do is get in sync with the beat and start moving. She holds dearly the belief that every woman can get her body back and be sexy again, no matter how far they are in their fitness goals.

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Embracing Motherhood

This program is the perfect option for women pressed with time. Teyana has designed her workouts in flexible, adaptable schedules that even the busiest of moms can manage to squeeze in movement even with tight schedules. She understands the challenges moms face trying to stay fit and designed the program with them in mind.

Each session has a series of moves repeated within a 20-minute workout period. Enough to have an impact without getting you overly exhausted to the point of disrupting the rest of the day. She’s all about helping them find ways to move their body and prioritize their well-being, even amid motherhood. She has woven her journey as a mother into the fabric of Fade2fit.

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Making Fitness Fun

Teyana’s infectious energy and playful spirit make the exercises feel more like more of a blast than a chore. Usually, the road to fitness is intimidating, and one of the primary reasons that most people quit is the boredom and soreness of regular workouts. But not in fade2fit. It quickly becomes a source of joy, immersing you into Taylor’s world, in which she says that the right music is her biggest motivation to get the body moving.

For her, even when she’s not in the mood, she just assumes that she’s in a concert and dances full out. She even gives an excellent piece of advice, “Don't make losing weight your only motive for working out; otherwise, it will get boring real quick.” You have to find something that works for you, and if music clicks it like it does for you, like it does for Taylor, then working out simply becomes second nature for you too.

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More Than Just Fitness

Teyana Taylor’s Fade2fit goes beyond the confines of a mere workout program. It’s a movement empowering women to reclaim their bodies in a fun, easy way. By infusing the workouts with exciting dance moves, she is eliminating the boredom and pressure of the traditional gym workouts, welcoming everyone to give it a shot irrespective of their fitness level. She’s inspiring women to embrace their inner goddesses and confidently move their bodies.

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