Tati Gabrielle

The Fighter Within: Tati Gabrielle's Approach to Beauty and Life


Dec. 9 2023, Published 4:21 p.m. ET

You probably know her as the mercenary Jo Braddock from Uncharted, an action movie, or Marianne Bellamy from You on Netflix. However, her ass-kicking prowess goes beyond the cinematic realm because the 27-year-old actress is naturally a badass. Her journey is nothing short of fascinating. A journey encompassing martial arts, a unique perspective on beauty, and a resilient approach to life.

Tati Gabrielle's Journey With Beauty

Tati Gabrielle's journey with beauty is as unique as her background. Growing up, Tati always felt like an alien because she couldn’t quite figure out people’s motivations and actions. She just couldn’t fathom how someone would hurt someone else or lash out and would often get spacey trying to figure the humans out.

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Then, she dipped her toes into the world of acting at 9 years old and discovered there was always a hidden message behind every behavior and social cue, and suddenly, it was all clearer. But she never ditched her alien side. Read on to discover how she keeps it alive.

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Embracing Her Alien Side

Tati Gabrielle’s approach to beauty remains refreshingly authentic. For her, less is more, and preferring a minimalistic touch over intricate makeup looks, the actress opts for mascara, bronzer, and a hint of highlighter to achieve a radiant glow. Her signature touch? Playful dots under her eyes. These, she says, are a quirky element inspired by her friend that speaks to her alien narrative. These dots, consistent yet ever-changing in color, have become a trademark. She now owns nearly every shade of the NYX Epic Wear Liquid Eyeliner and always collects any new ones she might come across.

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This isn’t to say Miss Gabrielle ultimately shies away from full makeup looks. The You actress confidently rocks a full face of makeup on red carpets, but even then, it’s not unusual to spot her in bold eye makeup, such as white eyebrows or creatively applied tear lines.

Skin and Hair Care Are of the Utmost Essence

As half Korean and half Black, Tati Gabrielle has very unique skin and hair. She admits to struggling with breakouts from as early as her 20s. But the fighter in her couldn’t let her sit and wallow in self-pity. Instead, she embraced skincare and, ever since, has been hooked to a peppermint and hemp seed oil cleanser by Dr. Bronner. Other staples in her skincare routine include Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap, Versed retinol serum and moisturizer, and pore-clearing face masks from Lush.

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As with her skin, her hair texture is also unique. The actress revealed that even her mom initially didn’t know how to deal with it. Fast-forward, she’s learned how to handle it and even gets consultation power in her acting contracts to veto styles and products used on her hair. In her role in You, she initially got the privilege to style her hair, but they later set her up with a suitable stylist because styling it herself would take a lot of time. She once went bald for a role and loved it. The actress urges all women to try it at least once in a lifetime.

A Fighter on and off the Screen

Tati's passion for martial arts runs deep, and it shows both in real life and in acting roles. The actress performs all her stunts and only resorts to a stunt double for legal reasons. From dealing with sensitive skin and advocating for her under-represented hair texture to showcasing martial arts skills on the gray screen, Tati embodies the spirit of a fighter, resilient and unyielding.

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