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Tati Gabrielle's Multiverse: From Sabrina to 'Uncharted’


Nov. 28 2023, Published 4:20 p.m. ET

Tatiana Gabrielle Hobson, widely known as Tati Gabrielle, is one quickly becoming a household name in the acting world. Born in January 1996, the half-Korean, half-African American actress is a captivating force in the entertainment sector famous for seamlessly weaving her talent through diverse film genres.

From the post-apocalyptic world of The 100 to the magic-parked universe of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the action-based realm of Uncharted, Gabrielle’s fantastic delivery of her various roles speaks volumes of her versatility.

The Various Characters of Tatiana Gabrielle

At just 27 years old, Tatiana Gabrielle has cemented her place in the entertainment industry as an actress with distinguishable skills. Her ascent in the entertainment industry has been marked by an eclectic array of roles that showcase her ability to play nearly any role without breaking a sweat. Check out some of her top characters:

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Gaia in ‘The 100,’ A Journey Through Post-Apocalyptic Survival

One of Tati’s early breakthroughs was her role as Gaia in the The 100, a CW TV series that unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world. The show revolves around the 100 survivors returning to Earth a century after a scorching apocalypse. In this gripping narrative, Gabrielle joins the cast in season four as Gaia, the supreme mother goddess of the earth and the final flame keeper. She’s also the daughter of Indra, the chief of Tondc, and a warrior at war with the sky people. Tati Gabrielle’s portrayal of Gaia added a layer of complexity to her character, leaving an undeniable mark on the series.

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Prudence in the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

Transitioning effortlessly from the ravaged, dystopian future, Tati Gabrielle once again left fans wowed by her acting prowess and exceptional performance of Prudence Blackwood. Notable for her signature, Josephine Baker-inspired finger waves that she initially did herself, Tati plays a powerful witch and one of the early villains in the popular TV series.

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As usual, she infuses her character with a blend of power, mystery, and rebellious charm, making her hard not to notice. Her fantastic performance as Prudence further solidifies her place as a versatile actress capable of effortlessly navigating not just a post-apocalyptic realm but also the supernatural.

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Jo Braddock in ‘Uncharted’: From the Supernatural to Treasure Hunting

While her portrayal of Prudence Blackwood in a supernatural universe is nothing short of fantastic, Tati Gabrielle didn’t stop at that. In 2022, the actress took on another acting verse, the action-based one when she joined the cast of Uncharted as Jo Braddock, a formidable mercenary bent on giving Tom Holland some sleepless nights.

And she sure gives them sleepless nights with her epic martial arts skills. Gabrielle also brings passion, intensity, and authenticity into the action movie, taking its plot even a notch higher. The movie is an adaptation of the Uncharted video game.

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Marianne Bellamy, ‘You’

Although she made brief appearances during the earlier seasons, Tati Gabrielle was the star of the show in Season 3 of the hit Netflix series You. The actress played Marianne Bellamy, a no-nonsense librarian and a loving but highly guarded single mom working around addiction while simultaneously fighting to win her daughter’s custody from a man committed to making her life hell.

Committed to authenticity and bringing the best out of her character, Miss Gabrielle took the initiative to explore the experiences of mothers fighting for their children before the movie began shooting. She also drew from personal connections and conversations with those who battled addiction from her circle.

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We can confidently say that the extra mile she took paid off because, throughout the season, her portrayal of Marianne is authentic and truly emphasizes the resilience and strength of women dealing with adversity.

A Glimpse Into Tati Gabrielle’s Future

What sets Gabrielle apart isn’t just the breadth of her roles but also her commitment to authenticity and representation. The actress boldly embraces her multicultural heritage and, with each role, adds a new layer to her ever-evolving career, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next character she’ll take on. In essence, Miss Gabrielle’s future in the entertainment industry sure looks bright and motivates people of color to pursue their dreams.

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