Tati Gabrielle

Tati Gabrielle's Aquarian Traits and Impact on Her Acting Career


Dec. 26 2023, Published 4:20 p.m. ET

While watching your favorite TV show or movie, you might find yourself thinking about the plot and characters months after the credits roll. Whether it's a character you have a crush on or one that leaves you thinking why they haven’t died already, the actor must embody the character. Tati Gabrielle's portrayal in the CW series The 100, Netflix’s The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina, and the action-adventure movie, Unchartered has brought her popularity from fans and reviewers.

In addition to acting, she believes in astrology, and as an Aquarian, her acting career is shaping up differently.

Contributing to the Greater Good

Many Aquarians are associated with causes that are for the greater good of society, and this is depicted in Tati Gabrielle's work. She got involved with Göt2b as a brand ambassador with the mission to empower people to become their best selves. In her digital media campaigns, she talks about ways she experiments with her style to convey a message of self-acceptance.

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Tati’s Aquarius traits are also evident in her humanitarian initiatives. For instance, she has partnered with RCDG Global to champion sustainability in the fashion design and apparel industry. Tati is also working with Mental Health America to encourage the youth to speak on matters concerning mental health.

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A Creative Autonomy

Tati's ability to express her creativity depicts her Aquarian trait in action. Since her acting debut in a Disney comedy series, she has gone on to take up diverse roles. She has been featured on the CW science-fiction TV series The 100 as a warrior. In the Netflix hit series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, she plays Prudence, the leader of a group of witches. By playing this role, she was able to showcase different elements of the supernatural. As part of the cast for the horror film, The Unborn by David Goyer and the dark comedy Breaking News in Yuba Country, she's showcased her ability to take on different forms of storytelling.

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Analytical Approach to Acting Roles

Aquarians are known for their intellectualism, which is reflected in Tati Gabrielle's ability to critically analyze characters before portraying them on film. Before being cast as a protagonist in the Netflix Series You, she analyzed the character and was convinced her role would portray what it meant to be a person of color.

“It really meant a lot to me. That is already the way that I look at the characters of projects that I take even now and even starting with Marienne. I want to make the most impact with the projects that I take on in the characters that I play,” she told Pop Culturista. “If anything, the reaction to Marienne was further reinforcement that, ‘Okay, you’re on the right path, kid. Keep doing what you’re doing.’”

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Before playing a character, Tati carefully examines the character descriptions and narrative in the script to gain a better understanding of their relationships. Sometimes, she researches the characters to play by reading books or online journals to understand the world they live in. In the process, she will delve into their emotions, imparting a resonating emotional depth to her character portrayal.

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An Aquarian Shaping the Acting Scene

As an Aquarian, Tati Gabrielle has embraced the different aspects of the astrology sign to help her achieve success. Most people with this zodiac have a passion for philanthropy, and in Tati's case, she is involved with different philanthropic initiatives, including Mental Health America and RCDG Global.

She also loves taking roles for characters with complex personalities. This personality trait has helped her to feature in action drama, horror, and science-fiction films and shows. Before bringing the characters to life, she critically analyzes them by learning about their world.

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