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Tabitha Brown’s Target Food Line: A Vegan Hit!


Oct. 13 2023, Published 3:24 p.m. ET

Earlier in 2023, American retail chain Meta signed a deal with American actress, super influencer, and veganist Tabitha Brown. The deal was to launch her vegan food line for Target.

So, starting from January 2023, we started seeing Brown’s vegan line of 34 different plant-based products. It covers spreads, snacks, pasta, and even “meats.”

December makes it almost a year. So, how’s the food line faring? Let’s find out.

Trying Out the Target Vegan Collection

I hit up Target while preparing for Christmas to stock up my fridge and then review the food line. I got a few things. I managed to grab almost all the food items I wanted to try, except for one sausage. I went to three different Target stores, but it wasn’t available. Here are my honest thoughts on the products:

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Vegan Pizza Rolls

I started with the vegan pizza rolls and tried them without additional seasoning.

They’re pretty large, and on tasting without sauce, they’re good. The dough is soft, and the filling, while flavorful, could have more seasoning.

However, it pairs excellently with marinara sauce, enhancing its taste. I’d consider buying these again for a quick snack or appetizer at gatherings.

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Sausage Varieties

Tasting the vegan sausages, I found the mushroom one earthy, while the mango basil lacked the promised flavors. Nonetheless, they’re delicious, especially considering they are gluten-free and soy-free.

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Potato and Garlic Pasta Salad

The potato salad, heavy on mustard, might be perfect for mustard lovers, but it’s not my personal preference. The garlic pasta salad, with rigatoni and Mediterranean ingredients, is subtle and could have a bit more zest.

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Pickled Okra and Chimichurri

I’m a fan of pickled items, and the pickled okra is an immediate yes. The vegan chimichurri aioli is fantastic and pairs well with sandwiches or veggies.

Other Tastings

The vegan jalapeno lime hummus offers a tangy kick. The caramelized vegan cream cheese spread is delicious, especially with a strawberry spread. The sweet, salty popcorn is decent, but the dill pickle steals the show.

Finally, the roasted garlic parmesan popcorn is a winner, too.

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The Vegan Food Market Loves It Too!

Tabitha Brown’s food line at Target is a hit for vegans like her. But don’t just take my word for it. It’s receiving rave reviews from customers who can’t stop talking about it.

One person wrote: “The way Tabitha Brown’s product launches almost sold out at Target while having heavy competition with other products in the SAME category says a lot about her,” “I love that for her..”

“My Tabitha Brown Target pulls! I wish I could have gone sooner. This is what was left. I’m so glad I got the little split-leaf plate,” added another.

“[The] Potato salad... um, this one is very strong in mustard taste. If you like a mustard-based kind of potato salad, you will love this. Um, it’s very mustard,” says another who’s tried the food line at Target. “Vegan garlic pasta salad... This one is very subtle. Um, way better than I had at restaurants with over-the-counter pasta salads.”

Another customer wrote online: “Tabitha Brown giving Target more vegan options makes me so happyyyy.”

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