Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown’s Positive Influence on Vegan Lifestyle


Dec. 6 2023, Published 9:58 p.m. ET

Some actresses rise to fame from their stellar performances, while others find their way to the spotlight through their different talents and characteristics. That’s what happened to Tabitha Brown, one of the most beloved black actresses / vegan influencers of our time.

In December 2023, Tabitha picked up her first Emmy Award, a monumental moment for the 44-year-old actress. Tabitha had a rocky start to her career you see, and it wasn’t until much later on that she found her voice and exploded into the limelight.

A Rocky Start

Tabitha’s career in television began around 2002 when she was picked up as a co-host of a local late-night show. A few years later, she tried getting into stand-up comedy, but things didn’t go too well for her there either.

Tabitha then worked a few odd jobs here and there, sometimes at department stores, and sometimes scoring indie film appearances. Furthermore, she had to travel back and forth from Los Angeles back to North Carolina to take care of her sick mother, who died in 2007.

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All of this seemed to point Tabitha to a life of scraping by. At one point, she even became an Uber driver to make ends meet. To make matters worse, Tabitha started struggling with chronic pain and fatigue. But that’s when her daughter introduced her to veganism.

Going Vegan

Veganism was the breakthrough that Tabitha was looking for. Not only did it radically help with her pain and fatigue, but her enthusiasm for the lifestyle also caught on online.

In January 2018, Tabitha grabbed a TTLA vegan sandwich from Whole Foods. She loved it, so she shot a quick review of her car and posted it on YouTube. Her enthusiasm combined with her humor made her video go viral, changing her life forever.

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Because of the video, Whole Foods picked up Tabitha as their brand ambassador. She then went on to travel around the country, talking about veganism and spreading the benefits of this lifestyle to others.

Thanks to her newfound fame, her acting career also began to pick up. More people were now aware of her humor and skills, so she found herself with roles in popular films and series like The Chi. She also started a YouTube original children’s series Tab Time.

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Finally, her hard work eventually got her nominated for an Emmy Award for Children’s & Family Emmy for Outstanding Host in 2022, and she went on to win that award in 2023.

Tabitha’s Brand of Veganism

Veganism often gets a bad rap for being overly imposing. However, Tabitha prefers a more relaxed approach to the lifestyle.

Instead of bringing others down by criticizing their choices, Tabitha instead shows the positives of going vegan and hopes to encourage more people to try the lifestyle.

Since veganism also has a reputation for not tasting as good as other diet choices, Tabitha strives to show the world that there are countless tasty vegan options all over the place for everyone to enjoy!

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