Dance Your Way to Fitness Like Actress Susan Kelechi Watson


Oct. 1 2023, Updated 2:54 a.m. ET

Renowned for her role as Beth in This Is Us, Susan Kelechi Watson was able to wow her fans because she didn't use a stand-in for the dance part of her role.

She's always been a passionate advocate for health and wellness, but her approach to fitness is unique in that it's influenced by her passion for dance.

In a recent interview with People, Susan revealed her deep connection to dance, not just as an art form but as a tool for fitness and joy in her life.

Additionally, Watson emphasized the significance of dance, describing it as a form of expression without speaking.

"Dance is so important to me because it’s a way of expression without speaking," she shared with the magazine.

Susan Kelechi Watson’s Early Dance Journey

The TV star's journey with dance is as diverse as her character, Beth's.

From ballet to modern, tap, jazz, Brazilian, Caribbean, and African dance, Susan’s early exposure to various dance forms shaped her passion.

Similar to Beth's childhood, Watson's parents recognized her gift for dance from a young age. "My mom said there was never a time when music played that you did not dance," she reminisced.

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While Beth, in the series, remained committed to ballet. Susan’s dance path, on the other hand, took a different turn.

This decision was due to criticism she received about her body not fitting the traditional dance form, leading her to explore other avenues of self-expression. However, the impact of those early dance experiences remained with her, becoming an intrinsic part of her identity.

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Reconnecting with Dance

Her role as Beth has helped her to reconnect with her childhood passion. In the pivotal episode "Our Little Island Girl," Susan’s personal and on-screen worlds converged as she revisited her character's love for ballet.

Astonishingly, she refused a stunt double for the dance scenes, choosing to immerse herself in the choreography.

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"Every time we did it, it was different, and I felt her spirit move through me," Susan explained, highlighting the emotional and physical connection she experienced.

Fitness Beyond Dance

Beyond the dance floor, Susan incorporates yoga and meditation into her wellness routine.

Her fitness regime is a blend of yoga classes, weight-group meetings and daily at-home workout routines.

“ I would tell my future self to enjoy getting older … but not to get old,” she told Good Housekeeping. “And I probably would tell my older self, ‘Keep doing yoga. Oh, Lord, please don’t get too tight, please don’t not be able to squat and bend.’ I gotta be able to move!”

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She likes to start each day with 20 minutes of meditation, she values the stillness it brings, setting the tone for her day.

Yoga provides her with flexibility and a sense of youthful vitality.

Watson's fitness lifestyle can't be separated from her passion for dancing. And her role as Beth captured some of her real-life story — which is why she excelled in the role.

Susan Kelechi Watson Encourages Other to Follow Their Bliss

Along with staying fit and finding the time to move, Susan also encourages everyone to do what makes you happy. "We owe it to ourselves to fulfill our dreams," she said.

Through her commitment to dance and holistic wellness practices, Susan Kelechi Watson exemplifies the power of expression, joy, and self-care in leading a fulfilling life.

It’s not just a magazine. It’s a lifestyle!

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