Storm Reid

Beyond the Screen: Storm Reid's Impactful Journey in Advocacy


Jul. 28 2023, Published 9:10 p.m. ET

Storm Reid has not allowed the screen to limit her capabilities. She remains a force in the activism world especially in advocating for social justice and empowering young people. There is a wide range of issues that Storm has addressed or currently addressing including her contributions towards resolving issues surrounding inequality, mental health, and education.

She is particularly passionate about addressing issues surrounding racial discrimination, especially among Black women and other minority groups in the entertainment industry — all while being nominated for an Emmy for her role in the HBO drama series The Last of Us.

Better Representation and Racial Equality

Storm Reid is an advocate for racial equality, not only in the entertainment sector but in society at large. She has been particularly vocal about creating diversity in the media and entertainment. The actress constantly calls for authentic portrayals of characters from different backgrounds. She wants aspiring and ready-made artists to see themselves positively reflected on the screen and this has made a huge impact in inspiring and shaping the future of entertainment for others coming behind.

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“Hollywood is trying to make that shift to more diversity on screens,” she told Flaunt magazine. “Hopefully it’s not just something that is a fad or a trend, and it’s everlasting. I think we’re trying to make the progress, to have the media be more representative of the world as a whole.”

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Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health awareness is also one of Storm’s primary focuses especially when it comes to young people. She is not afraid to discuss her mental issues and she emphasizes the need to seek help and end the stigma attached to mental health issues. Her story has helped others in similar situations to seek the right help in the right place thus forging a community of mentally-stable individuals.

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“Mental health is very important, and it’s something we need to talk about more, especially within young people,” Storm explained. “I feel like a lot of young people don’t know how to deal with it, or they’re ashamed to address the things that they’re feeling inside. It shouldn’t be like that. She continued, “Everyone, especially young people, should have the opportunity and comfortability to voice their opinion about how they’re feeling inside, and what’s going on in their head. We do live in the world of social media, so that’s hard and that affects mental health a lot.”

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Storm believes that mental health issues should no longer be a disorder that should be handled secretly, it is a problem that demands adequate attention.

Educational Campaigns

Storm has remained at the forefront of supporting initiatives that provide education and empowerment, especially to the less fortunate youth. To this end, she continues to participate in programs where she gives resources and opportunities to youth and children from marginalized regions of the country.

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She has stressed the transformative power of enlightenment through education as a means of breaking the poverty cycle and inequality that pervades the low-income communities in the country.

Political and Social Struggles

As a young activist, Storm Reid is constantly making her points clear in the political arena. She has particularly used her social media and public event appearances to engage in numerous discussions surrounding social and political matters. She has also shown financial and vocal support for the movements advocating for justice and equality among the downtrodden. She has used her influence in the entertainment world to amplify key messages and also encourage civic engagement among the populace.

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In 2021, she participated in a “Voting Rights & Youth” conversation with Vice President Kamala Harris and Alliance Executive Director, Sarah Audelo, to discuss the power of the youth vote.

Storm Reid is Changing the World for the Better

When it comes to activism, Storm Reid is more vocal than most of her contemporaries. Her influence extends beyond the movie industry and she has consistently made a tangible impact in people's lives. As Storm continues to grow and develop in her acting career, she remains an inspiration for many. Her true identity wouldn’t let her give up advocacy for more diversity and representation in the entertainment sector.

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