Solange Knowles

Exploring Solange's Artistic Journey: From Music to Visual Arts


Feb. 20 2024, Published 11:54 a.m. ET

In the world of artistic adventures, Solange Knowles is not only a super-talented artist but also a creative guru and music maven who is shaking things in many mediums. Forget just being Beyonce’s sister. Solange is an unsung trendsetter all on her own. Her beautiful singing voice and guitar-playing ability are but two aspects of her artistic talent. She dove headfirst into the visual arts without looking back and broke new ground that screamed loud and clear: "Listen up, world! Black and brown voices matter, and I am here to amplify them!"

Saint Heron's Evolution: A Multidisciplinary Platform

Solange's visual arts line is tied to the evolution of an online community project she founded in 2013 called Saint Heron. It was first a digital hub where people could engage in cultural conversations. But Saint Heron has since transformed into a multidisciplinary platform, studio, and creative agency. Her organization’s mission is to preserve, collect, and uplift stories and works that give life to marginalized voices.

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Seventy States (2017): A Collaborative Multimedia Project at Tate Modern

Another one of Solange's visual arts projects is her collaboration with artist Carlota Guerrero at Tate Modern in London. A multimedia project titled Seventy States (2017) included manifestos, poetry, videos, and gifs. The project was inspired by an undated photo of artist Betye Saar and her role in the 1970s Black Arts Movement. Solange and Guerrero cover black womanhood and black identity themes in the arts for this project, creating a visually stunning and intellectually rich experience for their audiences.

Metatronia (Metatron’s Cube) (2018): A Fusion of Performance and Sculpture

Solange's artistic projects also include her artwork titled "Metatronia (Metatron’s Cube)" (2018). It is mostly in video format, but she has also created a sculptural stage tool for recording the performances. This piece gives audiences an immersive experience, unlike traditional artistic exhibitions. Audiences experience visual art, music, sculptures, and performances all in one.

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Solange is like an art maestro, jamming to the rhythm of creativity. She takes visual arts and connects the dots between different art forms – and she nails it. She also explores stories of black families and artists, teams up with visionaries like Carlota Guerrero, and whips up cool projects like "Metatronia."

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For 2023, Solange has announced the BAM ‘Eldorado Ballroom’ Music and Film Series lineup that she is curating along with her Saint Heron Collective. The event will feature “contemporary and historic creative revolutionaries whose artistry and innovation has left a profound mark on music and performance art,” as it reads on the BAM site.

Solange’s creations are not just art for the elite. They are art for everyone. Solange is turning up the volume on the voices that art forgot about, and she creates masterpieces. Another thing is Solange does not just dip her toes into visual arts because it is the next trend after music – no way. She is on a mission while weaving her splash of color into the world of black art.

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Picture her cruising through the wild, artistic galaxy, leaving her mark in a way that people vibe with, like their favorite playlist. Her impact is not locked in an artsy echo chamber. It resonates with people. Think of her as the DJ at a block party with everybody dancing to her artistic beats and nothing but good vibes.

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