Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson: Redefining Style Through the Years


Dec. 16 2023, Published 9:44 p.m. ET

As a child actor with regular appearances on Disney Channel’s Jessie and Bunk’d Skai Jackson has grown in the full glare of the public. From a bubbly child and a confident teen to a powerhouse multi-hyphenate. She’s an actress, author, designer, and YouTuber. She’s also an activist.

Through the years, we’ve seen her style evolve from Cinderella-style as a child actor to a daring and fierce look while still being a classy young lady. Her stylistic choices while performing in Dancing with the Stars epitomize her approach to fashion.

Let’s take a look her style evolution.

From Disney Channel Teen to “Cool Young Woman”

During her time as Zuri Ross, on Jessie, she typically wore bright-colored and sparkling dresses. She was also renowned for having funky hairstyles.

As she transitioned to being a teen, she toned down the bright colors and did away with the sparkles (for the most part) while being comfortable. However, her style was still adorable. Skai worked with stylist Zadrian Smith from as young as 13 years old to create and evolve her style.

While talking with US Magazine about Skai’s style evolution and fashion journey, Smith said, “It’s been exciting working with Skai through her adolescence and watching her evolve into this really beautiful, sophisticated, and cool young woman.”

When describing how they decide which outfit to wear, Zadrian explained, “A great red carpet look reflects what’s happening in society at the moment."

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And true to these words, her outfits reflect what is happening in the real world. For instance, she wore a metallic red Marc Zunino dress to the December 2016 Ebony 100 Gala in Los Angeles, as if to invite the world to celebrate Christmas.

However, their approach to choosing an outfit was not purely based on the season. Smith goes on to explain other aspects that come into place, saying, “As an arbiter of style, it’s important to have your pulse on contemporary culture, pop culture, history and combine these things.”

Skai Jackson Is a Fashion Innovator, According to Her Stylist

Smith also took into consideration the need for an authentic and personal approach when choosing Skai’s outfit. “I think about what my client is going through at the moment, what is she auditioning for, what is she experiencing right now in her personal life.” He added, “You want to take all of these elements and translate them into a look.”

This explains the genesis of the moniker “fashion chameleon” bestowed upon Skai. Her style has evolved to be diverse while still trying new things, as Smith explained. “She’s definitely a fashion innovator. Skai is able to pull off amazing prints, bold colors, and avant-garde silhouettes.”

Importantly, Smith concluded, saying, “Her style is a combination of fun sartorial elements and risk-taking nods, and everything we do has a sense of elevation and luxury.”

The 21-year-old has retained her concoction of charm and sass, which we grew to love. Nonetheless, she is experimenting with different styles and looks these days. From comfortable casual-night-out looks to a more official business-like style. As you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll notice that she has evolved into an individual with a strong sense of style that is unique to her.

Ultimately, throughout her stylistic evolution, she has always dressed for herself. Speaking to Coveteur, Skai said, “Some people will give you so much support too, but I just look at the positive and look at how many supporters I have rather than haters.”

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