Simone Missick’s Balanced Lifestyle: Juggling Acting and Health


Dec. 27 2023, Updated 7:36 a.m. ET

Simone Missick is not an unfamiliar name in the film industry, having debuted in her first film in 2012. However, she had her big break after being cast to play “Misty Knight” on Marvel’s Luke Cage. Since then, Simone has reprised the same character in “The Defenders” and the second season of “The Iron Fist.”

Despite the challenges of the film industry, Simone Missick strives to balance her career and living healthily. Here is a deep dive into Simone’s life and how she juggles between acting and health.

A Day in The Life of Simone Missick

Being one of the most sought-after actors of this generation comes with immense fame, but not everyone is equipped to handle the pressure that comes with it. The “All Rise” actor seems to be handling it just okay. Here is a glimpse into her life.

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Morning Workout

Essence got an idea of what Simone’s workout routine looks like. The actor's routine involves cardio, Thai boxing, and weight training at Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy before concluding with kettlebell exercises— a routine that she considers a stress reliever on most days.

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Planning Her Day

Simone Missick stops at a cafe in her neighborhood where she gets time to focus on her scripts and plan future projects. After this, Simone spends quality time with a dog she and her husband rescued. She considers this a significant distraction from her sometimes chaotic set life and prep for parenthood.

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Spending Time With Her Husband

Simone is married to Dorian Missick, an actor and producer with whom they have shared the screen several times. The actor tries to balance her career and marriage by creating time for regular date nights, an opportunity she and her husband use to reconnect.

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Simone Missick on Staying healthy

There isn't much known about Simone’s health and wellness practices, but what is known is that the award-winning actor is vocal about mental health. She has regularly used her influence and platform to advocate for self-care and trigger conversations on important topics, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boo did an article on Simone describing how she is always willing to connect with other people and share her emotions. She has also been open about her struggle with self-doubt and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To give you perspective on how big she is on health, the “All Rise” star recalled how cautious she was during the shooting of the legal series in 2021. She had just realized a package was sitting outside her house for about three days. “We're all trying to figure out: 'Is it safe to bring things in? Do you need to sanitize them, then open them?” says the actor.

Simone Missick: A Master of Duality

Constantly being under the scrutiny of the public, it is difficult for celebrities to have the freedom to grow. However, apart from occasionally sharing snippets of her happy marriage, Simone tries to keep part of her private life a mystery to the world, allowing her to mitigate her social environment easily. The actor also uses her platform to advocate for societal issues such as racism and emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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