Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Shelly-Ann's Signature Looks: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce


Feb. 17 2024, Published 7:49 p.m. ET

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is one of the most famous track and field runners in the world. From humble beginnings in Jamaica in 1986, she rose to stardom in the 2000s, bagging 10 gold medals and 4 silver ones. She’s an icon, a star, an example of what we can be when we put our heart into it.

But like all world-famous athletes, she’s so much more than just that. She’s a mother, a philanthropist, and a great lover of fashion. She loves standing out, and her signature looks are simply eye-catching.

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Shelly-Ann’s Head-Turning Wigs: A Dive into a World of Color

Like many athletes, Shelly-Ann loves to use the track as her chance to showcase her personal style. And dressing up in a tracksuit doesn’t mean she has to dispense her fashion style. Enter, Shelly-Ann’s wigs. Each of them is a bright, attractive color, and she loves to wear a different one for each race.

For example, for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest in 2023, Shelly-Ann showcased a two-toned wig of bright gold, highlighted at the edges with fiery orange. Her nut-brown skin looked gorgeous under the blazing sunset colors, and she flashed a brilliant smile to complete the dazzling effect.

And her wigs aren’t only two-toned. She’s been spotted wearing a full range of colors on her head, from cornflower blue at the crown to an eye-catching rainbow of fuschia, gold, and orange at the tips.

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Shelly-Ann loves her wigs. In fact, when she goes to competitions, she has a special bag just for them. When asked by a commentator at the World Athletics Championships how many wigs she had packed, she admitted that she had 10 on hand. And she wore them proudly during her runs, the greens and golds and sunset colors flashing in the light as she blazed away on the track.

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Shelly-Ann’s Personal Clothing Style

But wigs aren’t the only type of fashion Shelly-Ann loves. She also loves clothes, which is the reason why she signed up to collaborate with one of Italy’s biggest billion-dollar brands, Bottega Veneta. Off-track, her style is bright and colorful. She has been seen sporting hot pinks, bright reds, and flashy two-toned dresses.

Shelly-Ann seems to love crop tops and long slits. During events, she’s been photographed in tops that showed off her muscled torso, and long skirts with slits from which her long athlete’s legs peeked out. It’s not hard to imagine why she chooses to wear such clothing, as she believes in women feeling empowered and dominant.

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To Olympic Channel, she said, “I want to be remembered as being fearless, resilient, and dominant.” She is like this on the track, coming back from setbacks and injuries, battling the usual onslaught of an aging body. And as her personal clothing style shows, she is also like this off the track. She’s not afraid to be seen. The colors and styles she wears scream, “Look at me, I’m proud and fearless with who I am.” If anything, this is a wonderful message to the young generation who follows her, especially young girls in the BIPOC community with dreams of their own.

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