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Behind the Voice: Shahadi Wright Joseph in Animation


Dec. 5 2023, Published 8:14 p.m. ET

Shahadi Joseph Wright is a genius when it comes to voice-over for animated movies. She has numerous works in her portfolio to justify her versatility in the act of voicing different animated characters. The talented black-American actress came to fame with her voiceover in the movie “Lion King”. Her voicing skills in animated movies can bring characters to life. Her career has evolved over the years and her voice remains a significant one in the animation world.

“Having that right simple character where the black girl can be herself and not be specifically known as black girl. I think it’s great”- Shahadi Wright Joseph.

Shahadi Voice-Over Works in Animation Movies

We all remember Shahadi as the young Nala in the 2019 Lion King movie where she used her voice to her younger Nala version in the Disney classic movie remake of “Lion King”. Shahadi played the role of the “Little Fish” in the animated movie, “Wonder Pets”, an animated series that ran from 2005 to 2016. In the movie series, Shahadi used her voice for the Little Fish character in a show designed for kids and it is one series known for its musical story-telling.

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Through her vocal expression, Shahadi creates a perfect blend of acting with singing.

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Shahadi’s Ability to Combine Character Depth with Emotions

One of the reasons why Shahadi Wright Joseph’s voice-over in acting became so important is her ability to match character depth with emotions. Through her vocal abilities, she effectively portrays a character’s personality, emotions, and nuances and all these make the character more relatable and engaging to the viewers. According to TMDB, Shahadi has been featured in 6 blockbuster movies and she is scheduled for more.

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Shahadi Makes Characters Memorable

With her well-executed and distinct voice, Shahadi makes characters memorable in the hearts of audiences. Her voice and acting capabilities bring some charm and energy to the personality she portrays, making a lasting impact in the minds of viewers. She is a versatile being, which is why she can portray characters of different ages and cultural backgrounds. Sometimes she can portray a character of another gender, and this flexibility helps create diverse animated scenes.

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Cultural Representation and Ability to Connect with Audiences

Shahadi knows how to connect with audiences with her vocal abilities. She is so skilled that she is flexible in using her voice as a tool to link the audience with the character she portrays. She can make audiences emotionally immersed in a story. Cultural representation is also one aspect of acting that Shahadi is good at. With her diverse voice range, Shahadi can project characters from different backgrounds, and ethnicity and then create some authenticity for different characters in any animated movie.

There is no doubt that Shahadi Wright Joseph has influenced the movie with her authentic and unique voice. She has also enriched storytelling, especially in animated projects and has contributed immensely to diversity in the movie world. Shahadi has been an inspiration to many aspiring young actors and actresses out there especially those who follow her on social media. Shahadi has also remain vocal in helping in promoting black representation in all genres of Hollywood.

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