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From Ring to Red Carpet: Sasha Banks


Feb. 17 2024, Published 10:25 p.m. ET

“I knew that I wanted to be in the WWE, but I also wanted to be more than what you saw from the women back then. I wanted to be someone who would change the definition of what it was to be a women’s wrestler.”- Sasha Banks, The CantonRep.

Pro-wrestlers of our age are never perceived as fashion icons, but more as entertainers. However, WWE Superstar, Sasha Banks, fondly nicknamed “The Boss” has been challenging this status quo. The 32-year-old wrestler has constantly wowed the world with her flashy yet striking wrestling gear ever since she first set foot in the WWE arena. But her impeccable sense of style doesn’t end in the ring.

Banks occasionally switches from her vibrant, theatrical, wrestling gear, to stunning, elegant, head-turning, red carpet fits. Read on to explore her style outside the ring.

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Authentic In and Out of the WWE Arena

Sasha Banks, famed for her awesome wrestling moves and fearless attitude, first intrigued everyone in WWE with her unique style and domineering ring presence. She rocked brilliantly colorful wigs, outfits with bold colors, dollar bill patterns, and accessories so cool fans nicknamed her “The Boss.” It wasn’t long before her in-ring look became her trademark, winning over even more fan hearts worldwide.

Sasha on the Red Carpet: Elegant and Sophisticated

While her ring style was no doubt impeccable, Miss Banks had other plans; to stand out beyond the wrestling arena. Before we knew it, Banks was turning heads on the red carpet with her killer yet authentic fashion sense.

Sasha pulled a reverse Uno when it came to her red carpet style. She chucked the flashy wrestling gear for classy designer outfits that oozed total elegance and sophistication. On one red carpet event, the pro-wrestler would strut in rocking custom gowns, while on another, she’d pull off chic power suits, showing off her unique and versatile fashion sense and style

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But while her style on the red carpet was geared towards elegance, her style in and out of the WWE arena was underscored by similar elements—bold choices, vibrant colors, cool silhouettes, and fancy accessories. These elements not only made her a red-carpet sensation but also showcased her style authenticity.

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Expression Through Fashion

Banks’ fashion evolution is an extension, and expression of her personal, and artistic growth. The wrestler uses her unique style choices to express her confidence, creativity, and fearless attitude. Her effortless yet stunningly notable transitions from ring to red-carpet fashion are a reflection of her openness to change, and determination to push boundaries.

Banks is slowly but permanently redefining conventional fashion norms by embracing authentic self-expression through her style. As a result, her fashion journey has not only captivated fans and fashion enthusiasts but also inspired the new generation to embrace self-expression through fashion.

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Sasha Banks is An Icon of Individuality

Thanks to her unique, yet authentic style, Banks is now considered a non-conformist. Her style, considered highly individual, encourages others to embrace and fearlessly experiment with their unique styles and fashion choices.

As she makes her mark in the world of fashion, Sasha Banks continues to alter what it means to be a fashion icon by using her platform to inspire self-expression and individuality through style. The overwhelmingly positive response she has been receiving is a reminder that true style, and fashion sense lies in embracing one’s personal swagger.

Undoubtedly, Sasha Bank’s fashion journey is an inspiration to aspiring fashion enthusiasts, and fans alike, reminding us all that true style is an extension of one’s authentic self.

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