Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan's Journey With Yoga and Meditation


Dec. 7 2023, Published 6:16 p.m. ET

If you're a big fan of TV Shows, you probably have interacted with Sanaa Lathan in one of your favorite series. Sanaa is an acclaimed actress who has graced our screen for over three decades. She became widely known after playing Monica Wright in the movie Love & Basketball. Some of her most recent shows include Peacocks' The Best Man: Final Chapter and HBO's show Succession. In addition to her role on TV, she is a champion of healthy living, and this is evident in her journey with meditation and yoga. Let's explore how she's navigating these spaces in detail.

Calming Panic Attacks With Meditation

Recently, Sanaa Lathan revealed her struggles battling with PTSD and panic attacks. These issues started after losing her close friend. She notes that her best friend was healthy and it was unbelievable that after four days of getting the flu, she passed on. Instead of considering conventional medication to help with the panic attacks and stress, Sanaa decided to turn to meditation.

After starting transcendental meditation with the help of her meditation teacher, she started to notice less frequent panic attacks. This fueled her motivation to start meditating for 20 minutes twice a day.

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Meditation Benefits in Kicking Out Old Habits

Like many celebrities, alcohol was a drug of choice for Sanaa whenever she went out on a night out. After years of use, she decided to quit. Speaking to People, Lathan notes that she kicked the habit because it was impacting her physically and mentally. After a night of drinking, she would wake up feeling anxious. In her experiences, she got drawn into researching ways alcohol affects the brain. Her findings solidified her stand to toss out this habit.

To stay motivated on the path of sobriety, Lathan takes inspiration from her mother, who was never involved in drug use but still has fun. Most importantly, meditation has been a powerful tool in helping her to remain focused. Along with that, Lathan is using meditation to keep her off the negativity of social media. She considers spending hours on social media as a celebrity an unhealthy habit. Lathan states that online social networks spread false information, which can affect an individual's physical and mental wellness.

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Yoga As A Self-Care Practice

Sanaa Lathan is an advocate of practices like mindfulness. That said, yoga is among the practices that are instrumental in helping people attain this goal. Her young sister is a certified yoga instructor. Through her work, she helps people learn about the benefits of yoga on mental health. She shares her knowledge of the healing power of Yoga in workshops and seminars. It's also important to note that Sanaa and her sister offer each other unwavering support throughout their journey. It's this relationship that has helped Lathan to embrace practices like mindfulness through Yoga.

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Taking A Holistic Approach to Stay Healthy

Being in the spotlight exposes celebrities to negativity, especially those who compare themselves with others using online social platforms. While Sanaa cannot avoid being in online social spaces, she deliberately takes time off for her mental well-being. Additionally, personal experiences like losing a loved one and frequent alcohol use have impacted her mental and physical health. Still, she overcame them through mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga.

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