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Ryan Destiny’s Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin


Nov. 2 2023, Updated 11:01 p.m. ET

Famous for her roles in Grown-ish, Star, and most recently, Oracle, the actress, songwriter, and singer Ryan Destiny has always turned heads with her radiant complexion. She has been making rounds lately, stunning many with her cultivating personality and beauty, featuring in top beauty brands like HelloBeautiful and Vogue.

In 2021, she partnered with Black Opal, becoming the first celebrity face of the legacy beauty brand.

These appearances are a well-timed quencher to the thirst of curious fans, who can't wait to learn her secret to such stunning skin. Here are the key takeaways from her skincare routine that you can incorporate into yours and get the ball rolling on your way to a radiant skin tone.

Gentle Cleansing

After a long day of work and dirt outside, Ryan starts her skincare with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and impurities without rubbing off the skin’s natural oils, she shared with The Cut. She uses Cetaphil’s gentle cleanser to clean and hydrate the skin without any additional alcohol or fragrances. She emphasizes her skin thrives on the simplest products, as it has outrageously reacted to ‘stylish’ products before.

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Vitamin C serum

After the gentle cleansing, Ryan continues her routine with a Vitamin C serum prepared by Derma King, her Beverly Hills-based dermatologist. The Vitamin C component helps brighten her skin, reducing hyperpigmentation, and also contains some Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, to preserve skin moisture and create a radiant glow.

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“My skin is my number one priority at this point. I recently got eczema, and I've had to change my regimen. With that being said, my routine is clean, fragrance-free, and sensitive skin-friendly,” she told Byrdie. “It's crucial with makeup, especially because I'm always putting it on. Skincare is the best thing to do when you're about to get your makeup done because the base is everything."

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More Cleansing and Moisture

At night, Ryan switches to more active ingredients. She finishes her skin cleansing with a La Roche-Posay skin moisturizer, which she lathers on her skin to reduce the skin-dehydrating impacts of the California weather. This double-repair moisturizer has a niacinamide blend that repairs and hydrates her skin's epidermal barrier.

Although this cleanser is created with an aesthetician bottom line, it is medical-grade, with active glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin and clear the pores. It clears away impurities, leaving her skin feeling relaxed as she heads to bed. She aims to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night, which research shows to improve skin health, in addition to a vast pool of benefits.

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Retinol to the Rescue

She follows the nightly cleansing with prescribed retinol tretinoin, which speeds up cell turnover, improves skin texture, and minimizes acne. It can make the skin more sensitive to sun exposure, so she recommends using it at night. She then adds Vani cream to lock in the moisture, a fast-absorbing, richly textured moisturizer recommended for sensitive skin.

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Facial and Laser Treatments

Ryan is a big fan of professional facials to retain healthy skin. She enjoys a cold-hydrogen facial, which uses hydrogen to improve skin tone and texture. These treatments deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. She particularly says that this treatment works wonders for her as it stops breakouts on her skin, in addition to clearing dark spots and reviving her glamorous complexion.

She also gives a big yes to laser treatments, which she was cautious about at the beginning but now can’t let go. She also adds that this practice can be tricky when done on darker complexions, so it's best to take your time to research and find a skilled dermatologist with the understanding and skill to practice it on your skin.

Simplicity and Understanding: Key to a Radiant, Healthy Glow

Ryan Destiny’s approach to her skincare routine can sum up to simplicity, consistency, and carefully handpicking products and services that align with her skin type. From her skincare journey, it’s clear that having a specialist who understands your skin type and gives you expert advice on what it needs is non-negotiable in attaining that much-admired glow. Her minimalist approach is a rich takeaway. She avoids products with unnecessarily harsh chemicals, allowing her skin to thrive naturally.

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