Ryan Destiny

Ryan Destiny's Promising Musical Future: What's Next for the R&B Artist?


Nov. 27 2023, Published 7:20 p.m. ET

Do you know Ryan Destiny has music in her bloodline? Her father was the famous Deron Irons, an R&B member of the 90’s rap group, Guesss. Though she got her start as a singer, she is also a talented actress – plus she has a passion for many other things, including fashion.

Like many young artists of her generation, Ryan had to struggle with insecurity and many career-threatening difficulties while growing up and evolving into an entertainment icon. Let’s take a look at her musical journey.

Ryan Destiny’s “Lie Like That” Is a Bop

Ryan Destiny’s song “Lie Like That,” is one of the highlights of her music career. The impressive track was characterized by an amazing blend of themes, showcasing her distinctive style and the evolution of her music career.

The song was released in 2020 and it is characterized by a seductive sound that will captivate any listener and depicts the complexities of human emotions and relationships. It captures the conflict that consistently happens between passion and toxic relationship patterns.

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With her vocal prowess, she effectively conveyed a message of love, and deception through her heartfelt performance.

Evolution of Ryan Destiny

Ryan Destiny’s evolution unfolds through her solo music career, especially with her breakup with the music group, Love Dollhouse. This transition into a solo career was characterized by a great transformation that revealed maturity, confidence, and a great depth of musical expression. From acting on Star to creating move, Ryan is able to move seamlessly between her two passions.

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“it was a blessing doing STAR because I think the way it introduced me was in a multi-type of way, where I was singing and dancing and acting. So it was easier for people to see that and not just see one thing,” she told Wonderland Magazine. “But I think people are always trying to box you in and make you pick something, whether it be somebody from your team or somebody from the outside. It’s hard for some people to see somebody do more than one thing. I just think as humans we have so much to give, so it’s just weird to me to just do one thing. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

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Before “Lie Like That,” Ryan Released Her Hit “How Many”

The past year has been huge for Ryan, who has been focusing on her music. Prior to dropping “Lie Like That,” she released “How Many” — a song about keeping count of her man’s wrongdoings.

At the time, Ryan was compared to Summer Walker and Jhene Aiko thanks to the song’s R&B and soul vibes.

“I just really wanted to touch on that with a little bit of my own experiences with certain men and people that kind of just play you,” she told HotNewHipHop of the song’s inspiration. “And you really just want to say like, ‘I'm not the one!’ Like, no, it won't be me this time. You've done this a lot before, but it's not going to happen again. So, it's really just telling that whole story of that.”

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She continued, “I think we just wanted something to feel very authentic and like I was telling a story. And I think that's just what it feels like, those are some of my favorite, personally, my favorite R&B songs.”

Ryan Destiny’s Is Still Evolving as an Artist

Ryan Destiny’s artistic transition can be described as a testament to her dedication and creativity; hence her craft has continued to evolve. Her musical foray especially through a track like “Lie Like That” reveals a spirited journey of artistic transformation.

She effortlessly blends R&B and pop to create a genre that resonates with her followers. She is also gifted lyrically and that has contributed to the depth of her musicality. With her captivating stage performances, Ryan Destiny is poised for more success in the future.

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