Ryan Destiny

Ryan Destiny: A Rising Star in the R&B Universe


Dec. 12 2023, Published 7:21 p.m. ET

There is no doubt that Ryan Destiny has made a huge impact and positioned herself as a voice in the R&B industry since her music career started. After appearing on America’s Got Talent as part of the trio New Limit in 2010, Ryan went on release her first solo single in 2018. She also starred in the FOX musical series Star, where she portrayed Alexandra opposite Queen Latifah.

Today, Ryan has a recurring role on Grown-ish, but what can fans expect from her music career? Keep reading to find out.

Ryan Destiny is influenced by R&B stars like Brandy

Ryan’s vocal prowess is unique in every way, and she has continued to showcase her soulful voice to make her music resonate with different generations of music lovers. In a conversation with her Star co-star and lifelong influence, Ryan shared where she sees her career going as an R&B artist. “Because of how the last 10 years of my life has panned out, I now definitely see that God has a divine plan for me,” she said in the conversation with Wonderland magazine. “Things that I thought I was gonna do didn’t happen and it turned to a whole different route, which I’m super thankful for now, looking back. So I definitely think that there’s a higher purpose for me and it’s kind of already in the cards.”

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Authenticity in Storytelling

Not many R&B singers today can be authentic in their act of storytelling. Through her professional storytelling abilities, Ryan has been able to contribute to the evolution and revitalization of the R&B genre. Her songs reveal so much of her personal experiences, emotions, and relationships and that is why she connects easily with her fans at a deeper level. She has effectively added more depth to her narratives within her chosen genre of music.

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How She Balances Acting and Music

Ryan’s acting skills have contributed immensely to the way she performs her music and how she influences the R&B genre. She effortlessly integrated her acting audience with her music lovers, thus making a significant impact in the entertainment world. “it was a blessing doing STAR because I think the way it introduced me was in a multi-type of way, where I was singing and dancing and acting. So it was easier for people to see that and not just see one thing,” she explained to the outlet. “But I think people are always trying to box you in and make you pick something, whether it be somebody from your team or somebody from the outside. It’s hard for some people to see somebody do more than one thing. I just think as humans we have so much to give, so it’s just weird to me to just do one thing. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

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Enhanced Cultural Representation in the Entertainment World

As a talented, young Afro-American woman in the music industry, Ryan has become a role model to upcoming singers and actresses. Through her performances, she has enhanced diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry because a lot of young, and aspiring entertainers now see the need to embrace switching in-between acting and singing to become even more successful.

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Collaboration and Influencing

Ryan Destiny has generated attention from other artists in the industry and this is due to her influence and impact in the R&B genre. Thanks to her work on Star, she has collaborated with great artists like Patti LaBelle, Queen Latifa, and Brandy. She has also worked with top producers and songwriters to create great songs that resonate with her followers.

Ryan has numerous videos on social media where she inspires upcoming singers on ways to maximize their winning potential and remain relevant. Through her collaboration, she has been able to introduce and deliver new sounds and fusion that have never been seen in the history of R&B.

Destined for the Top

With the contribution of her talent to the growth and transformation of the R&B genre, Ryan Destiny is surely destined for the top. Through her music, she continues to make new strides that are reshaping the R&B landscape worldwide.

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