Rihanna's Fashion Evolution: From Pop Star to Style Maven


Dec. 18 2023, Published 5:38 p.m. ET

The Barbadian superstar Rihanna is more than just a musician. With time, she gradually became a fashion diva, always setting new trends and making big waves in the world of style. Let us look at her style in fashion and the key moments that made this music star a true trendsetter.

Street Chic to Red Carpet Royalty

Back in the day, Rihanna's fashion was all about where she came from—a mix of street style and city vibes. She started with baggy jeans and hoodies, but then things changed. The shift from casual to glitzy red carpet looks happened slowly but made a big impact. Rihanna's early days show her making cool and comfy seem so easy. Her sneakers and casual outfits made her seem down-to-earth, which was something fans loved.

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Rihanna's fashion sensibility spread as her music did. Her 2007 album “Good Girl Gone Bad” set the ball rolling. Rihanna was no longer only a music star. She had already begun to turn into a fashion icon.

She then began making red-carpet-style art with teammate Giorgio Armani, a fashion prodigy. The two created looks for her that gave us a new, refined Rihanna.

The Fearless Trendsetter

It is the boldness that makes Rihanna stand out in the fashion domain. In an interview with Glam, Rihanna talks about her not being afraid to be bold when others might avoid risky choices. Rihanna's style is never static. It seems to grow and change every time she shows up. Whether it is sizzling styles or hot shades, she does not apologize for pushing the boundaries.

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For its fashion shows, the brand is all about blowing those old notions of beauty out of the water. The lingerie line is like a slogan for enjoying your body and that beauty lies in everyone. Rihanna's fashion story shows change. It is about courage, and it is about accepting all people.

From her cool-chic street style to becoming a hot property on the red carpet, Rihanna always goes out of bounds. In changing the fashion game, one thing is clear — Rihanna has true 21st-century icon status.

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The Glam article explores Rihanna's outfit at the 2015 Met Gala when she stole the show under a phenomenal yellow ballgown from Chinese designer Guo Pei. It was not just a gown. It was her defiant gesture on the red carpet, and people loved that she took chances like that. And on the Glam website, they talk about how Rihanna got into fashion design with her brand Fenty. What better way for her to grab the fashion world's attention than by designing clothes that include everybody?

Rihanna's desire to bring together all types of beauty and smash old standards is not just cool. It is a big part of what makes her move toward being legendary in fashion today.

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Savage x Fenty: Redefining Lingerie

Though everyone remembers Rihanna for her music and fashion, it was with lingerie that she showed off her business acumen. Savage x Fenty, Rihanna's lingerie brand, puts a new spin on beauty by focusing attention on every body shape and size.

Glam tells us that Rihanna's lingerie is not only about soft and pretty fabrics, such as satin or lace, but it is also about being powerful and putting your stamp on things.

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