Rihanna’s Influence on Music and Fashion Collaborations


Oct. 12 2023, Published 7:24 p.m. ET

Fashion and music. Music and the runways. Music and acting. Music and beauty lines…

Rihanna has collaborated with many musicians and fashion brands — and even launched successful brands of her own outside of music.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a living testament to her influence on the mainstream beauty market. Here's how RiRi is forming successful collaborations in three industries all at once – music, fashion, and beauty!

The “Rihanna Effect”

Bad girl RiRi is in a different class than most female musicians because of her unique ability to infuse contrasting genres in her music.

We’ve witnessed some of her genius moments where she’s fused rock, EDM, dancehall, trap, and dubstep in her music.

Case in point, we saw the “Rihanna effect” when Rihanna worked with house DJ Calvin Harris to release the hit song "We Found Love.” This unusual collaboration yielded stunning results.

Also, we saw how Rihanna has been able to showcase her Caribbean heritage in songs like "Work." This cultural display not only popularized island vibes but also opened doors for other musicians of Caribbean ancestry.

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Undefeatable Outfits

She can beat me, but she can’t beat my outfit! What a bold statement from Rihanna who is seen as a style icon alongside her music success.

She’s praised by many for her audacious and fearless sense of style. So, it wasn’t a surprise when she started entering calculated partnerships with big names in the fashion industry.

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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Rihanna’s biggest impact on the beauty and fashion industry yet is when she created her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty. As you would expect, the brand is known for its dedication to diversity — giving out Rihanna’s aura, right?

The beauty company disrupted the makeup market by introducing a breakthrough spectrum of 40 foundation tones.

This move set a new benchmark in the industry and brought all eyes to Fenty Beauty. Already established beauty brands saw this “Fenty Threat '' and started broadening their selection of shades to serve a worldwide market.

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Fenty Goes To Lingerie Shows

Another powerful collaboration Rihanna’s Fenty made was with Savage to create a fashion show. This partnership saw Rihanna expand her influence in the lingerie department. The fashion show gained massive media attention during the Post-#MeToo World.

At the center of all the media attention was a series of controversies mainly due to the inclusion of pregnant models. But on the bright side, the inclusivity promoted by this collaboration highlights Rihanna's dedication to promoting body positivity.

Rihanna has a refined fighting spirit towards influencing and impacting both the music and fashion industry. Her influence in the industry is still much alive today as she continues to dictate trends and set standards.

And it doesn’t look like that would end in years to come. You never want to stop when you cross the billion USD mark!

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