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Black Models Are Leading the Runway Revolution


Oct. 26 2023, Published 11:52 p.m. ET

Black models remain at the forefront of the runway revolution, thanks to their unwavering activism and courage to influence changes in the industry.

According to The New York Times, more brands are showing more Black models in their ad campaigns With more fashion advertisers rediscovering black models, there is a need to acknowledge the growing influence of women of color in the industry.

The following are major ways through which Black models continue to revolutionize the runway industry.

Breaking the Stereotype Rules

Without some level of activism, it is practically impossible to break stereotypical policies in the runway industry. Today, Black models, such as Bethann Hardison and Naomi Campbell, continue to play pivotal roles, especially in advocating for more diversity.

This means they are pushing for the showcasing of diverse skin tones, body figures, eye colors, and hair textures. This increased and sustained activism against stereotypes has led to unprecedented expansion in the fashion industry and a change in the definition of beauty.

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Increased Diverse Representation

Black models continue to play key roles in pushing for a more diverse representation in the modeling industry. With their presence on runways and ad campaigns, these women of color have broadened the representation of beauty across different colors and ethnicities.

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Collaboration with Diverse Industry Experts

Black models are taking a step further in their quest to revolutionize the runaway industry through their collaboration with other industry experts. These experts include stylists, photographers, and skilled makeup artists to develop projects that promote diversity and inclusivity.

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Shaking Up Industry Standards

Black models have been successfully shifting the runway industry standards in the past few years and this has made a huge impact on norms, and trends and there is increased demand for accountability. Fashion trends and norms are evolving faster than ever before because new styles are being showcased at events, and more cultural influences are being embraced by the industry.

There is a higher demand for accountability because the activism of Black models has forced agencies and brands to be more cautious of their actions. The demand for more accountability in the runway industry has led to more diversity in the industry’s leadership positions.

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Social Empowerment

With the ongoing activism, more awareness is being raised especially over social issues including racial inequalities and unwarranted discrimination against people of color. Black models have continued to speak out against racism and other vices against minority groups.

The next generation of Black models is becoming inspired by the social empowerment being created for them. It means they can become even more courageous to thrive in the fashion industry.

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Stronger Advocacy for Inclusivity

Black models are continuously advocating for inclusive casting, especially from fashion brands. They have continued to influence the industry to consider diverse demographics when choosing casts and crew for their runway and other fashion-related projects.

The advocacy for inclusivity has led to more support for emerging talents in the industry. Black models continue to use their platforms to encourage and source new creatives and fashion designers. This has helped new talents to become more visible to potential clients.

Black Models Have a Brighter Future

If Black models sustain activism in the fashion industry, there will be greater diversity, representation, and inclusivity. These contributions will continue to inspire more positive changes that will eventually drive a more equitable and all-inclusive fashion industry.

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