Ritu Singh Pande answers 10 questions with Bombshell

Durga Entertainment creator Ritu Singh Pande Answers Questions for Bombshell


May 12 2023, Published 5:06 p.m. ET

QnA' with Ritu Singh Pande, Founder of Durga Entertainment, a POC, woman-owned creative agency. With a strong love for narrative, Pande's journey into independent cinema started almost a decade ago when she was an actor alternating between conventional South Asian Indian roles. After appearing alongside Aidan Quinn in a movie that examined the effects of forced migration from Guyana to the United States, she started to find her footing. The production crew was put to the test during a high-stress shoot when a series of incidents transpired. One such occurrence required Pande's assistance from the female director when she faced difficulties from her team on site, which was regrettably frequent at the time. This forced Pande to throw herself fully into the part, not only to protect the role she loved so much but also to help the filmmaker realize her goals for the movie. After coming back to New York, Pande joined "FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS" as a producer and executive producer. She began her journey into the craft of storytelling and her dedication to telling tales that are genuine, uncommon, and perceptive portrayals of modern-day America. Fundamentally, Pande's drive is nurtured by Durga Entertainment, a platform that is largely devoted to delving into complex individuals, particularly women who have been unjustly viewed through constrained prisms, resulting in the reduction, mischaracterization, and distortion of their experiences.

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