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Niecy Nash's Recipe for Success: Healthy Eating, Regular Exercise, and Mindfulness


Nov. 9 2023, Updated 9:15 p.m. ET

Niecy Nash, a prolific actress popular for her roles in TV shows like Reno 911 and Claws has become an advocate of a well-balanced diet and exercise regimen to boost health and overall wellbeing.

Having practiced what she preaches and achieved great results, she decided to give insights into her perspective about taking a holistic approach to health through healthy eating habits, regulated mental well-being, and consumption of a balanced diet.

All these, according to Niecy, can help achieve a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. “I didn't start out with weight loss. I was very tired and my energy was low. This is my second go around in love, so I want to make sure I’ll be around to enjoy it,” Niecy shared with UsWeekly. So, what are her secrets?

Niecy Nash's Journey to Weight Loss

According to the interview on the Rickey Smiley Show, Niecy’s incredible road to successful weight loss began in 2010 while she was on the popular reality TV competition series, Dancing with the Stars. She used the show as an opportunity to create a high-energy activity capable of burning a huge number of calories.

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The actress had embraced the activity with all her heart and with her rigorous dancing moves she achieved much better cardiovascular results and steady weight loss. Though her weight loss success didn’t depend only on dancing, she decided to incorporate a healthier eating plan and mindfulness to maximize her results.

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Healthy Eating Choices

Niecy promotes a balanced diet comprising the appropriate mixture of fresh fruits, wholesome veggies, whole grains, and lean protein.

She made mention of the importance of portion control and being mindful of our choices when it comes to food. Niecy also reiterated her point against choosing processed foods and excessive sugar and sweetener intake.

“There are things that I avoid, but not because I want to deprive myself,” Niecy told Celebitchy. “It’s because I don’t care for it. I don’t care for potato chips. I don’t have a big love for French fries. Some people love French fries – it’s coming on the side with the shrimp that I ordered, but even if it didn’t, it would’ve been fine with me. I’m not a big fan. Cottage cheese, not a big fan. Some things I’m like ‘mmm, I don’t eat it because I don’t like it.’ Because if I like it, I’m going to eat it.”

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She continued, “That’s what’s wrong with a lot of people. A lot of people are miserable, a lot of people are so unhappy because they’re hungry. They need to eat a little more.”

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Regular Physical Activity

Exercise remains a critical component of Niecy’s health routine and she constantly shares her exercise routines on her main pages.

Her workout routine comprises a mix of cardio activities with yoga, resistance training, and occasional exercises like hiking, and dancing. Niecy was quick to point out the need to identify activities that you enjoy doing and make sure you are consistent with them.

Mental Health Activities

Niecy didn’t rule out the importance of mental health and mindfulness in improving wellbeing. She stressed the importance of constantly indulging in activities that will help maintain the balance of the mind and the body to complement physical activities and exercise to boost overall health.

She specifically mentioned activities like mindfulness, meditation, and self-care routines as part of activities that can lower stress while boosting emotional balance.

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“It looks like giving an hour to myself, period, just to start the day, just for myself—to stretch, to meditate, to pray, to work out, to journal, whatever the top of that day requires is the good gig,” she told Parade of her morning routine. “ It’s carving out that time to be intentional with yourself.”

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Consistency and Moderation are the Key to Success

Niecy is of the school of thought that believes that too much of everything can be bad for the body, and at the same time, inconsistency can lead to poor results. Niecy Nash disapproves extreme measures in tackling weight loss and other health challenges.

She refused to endorse any crash diet and intense workouts that take hours to complete but rather promotes a sustainable habit that will last long.

Niecy was quick to point out that an individual’s decision on diet and exercise should be matched with current health conditions, preferences, and goals. Her holistic approach to wellbeing focuses on overall wellness.

She also encourages participants to consult certified healthcare professionals and skilled trainers before implementing huge changes to their diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

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