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How ‘The Morning Show’ Actress Nicole Beharie Prioritizes Fitness and Wellness


Dec. 26 2023, Updated 10:16 p.m. ET

Nicole Beharie is a big proponent of a holistic fitness and wellness approach. Famous for her roles in Sleepy Hollow and The Morning Show, her efforts to attain a wholesome lifestyle have often hit the spotlight, captivating people's interests. Contrary to most fitness enthusiasts, her approach transcends pursuing a sculpted physique in the gym and focuses on finding true happiness and fulfillment.

She delves into the depths of mental and emotional well-being, creating a harmonious and healthy life. Read along to better understand Nicole Beharie's holistic wellness approach and the nuggets you can pick from her philosophy and incorporate in your wellness journey.

Nourishing The Body

Nicole Beharie centers her diet around fueling her body with wholesome, unprocessed foods. She prefers going organic and admits to regularly snacking on presumably odd but healthy treats like mulberries and chlorella. “I no longer register as having an autoimmune disease, but I did have moments where the markers for it were a part of my testing," she told The Chicago Tribune. "I'm in a very good place now. I have a very clean diet and do lots of mindfulness and meditation and self-care — which I have to say, I wish it didn't take getting ill for me to really believe in those things."

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As you can already guess, her meals often feature vibrant salads, hearty soups, and wholesome grain bowls, reaping big from their rich essential nutrient components. She firmly believes that food is not merely sustenance; it's a source of vitality and well-being.

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Embracing Movement

While most people view exercise as an obligation in the struggle to stay fit, for Nicole, it’s a celebration of movement and form of expression. She holds a unique approach to fitness, with a soft spot for intensive exercises like boxing training that is invaluable in maintaining flexibility and articulation in movement.

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She also enjoys the graceful flow of yoga, which allows her to connect with her breath and cultivate inner peace while enhancing flexibility. This passion drives her to seek yoga classes, where she can embrace the camaraderie of a shared journey to well-being. “Do it, even when you don’t feel it. Discipline,” she captioned an Instagram post of herself working out.

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Beyond yoga, Nicole also adores the therapeutic power of outdoor activities like running and hiking since she loves getting fully immersed in nature, where she can connect to the world while refreshing her body and mind.

Prioritizing Rest

Nicole’s self-care rituals extend beyond the gym and kitchen. Amidst the pressure from her demanding and relentless acting career, she adores the restorative power of good sleep. She prioritizes sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night, allowing her body and mind to recharge and fully prepare for the day ahead.

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Besides adequate sleep, she also sets aside designated resting days to let her body recover and rejuvenate. On the resting days, she tries to reconnect with her inner spirit through meditation to let her body recuperate and decompress from all the work stress. She often moves to a quiet space, like her house or a calm natural setting outside, where she can enjoy an undisrupted moment as she refreshes. This is an effective trick you could try when you need to declutter your head and just want to enjoy a moment alone. All you have to do is breathe, focus on the present moment, and release distracting thoughts to cultivate a sense of serenity.

Championing Mental Health

With refreshing openness, Nicole has often shared her experiences and struggles with mental health. With her understanding of the detrimental effects of suffering in silence, she relentlessly challenges stigmas, encouraging people to seek support anytime they feel pushed to a wall. She firmly believes that having a solid support system that you can turn to is invaluable when aiming for a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life. By openly sharing her experiences and struggles, she shows everyone that it’s okay to speak up and seek help without fear of judgment.

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Since she’s a renowned figure in the film industry with vast influence, keeping it real with the public in her everyday life inspires many to find pride in seeking support. Additionally, she actively supports organizations dedicated to mental health awareness, offering a warm ground for those seeking assistance.

The Ripple Effect of Holistic Wellness: Enhancing the Quality of Life

Nicole’s unwavering commitment to her well-being inspires others to adopt healthy habits and prioritize their overall well-being. She has become an admirable figure for holistic living by openly sharing her wellness journey. Moreover, she has demonstrated that holistic wellness is not about perfection or unattainable standards; it's a journey of making conscious choices that align with your unique needs and preferences.

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