Nia Kay

Celebrating Diversity: Nia Kay's Forthcoming Diverse EP


Nov. 2 2023, Published 11:37 p.m. ET

You may know Nia Kay from her hit song with Asian Doll “Real,” but for most people, her appearance on Rap Game in 2015 was enough to get them invested.

Funny enough, she was just 14 years old when she popped on the scene, and it seems like she was ready to take her bars to the world from such a young age. Two years down the line, she was making melodies in the streets on her tour while collaborating with big Chicago names like Dreezy. And now, she’s on her way to a debut EP.

This release promises to be a vocal point in her career, as it’s set to cater to diverse audiences and resonate with people going through different situations in life. Although she has never shied away from expressing her vulnerabilities through her music, she takes it a notch higher, allowing her fans to read her like an open book and find encouragement through her experiences.

Embracing Diversity

Nia is always ready to step off the norm and follow her voice and style without feeling obliged to move with trends. She says that she wishes more rappers could try sticking to their own styles, ignoring pressure to do what everyone in the industry is doing.

And indeed, she’s taking this philosophy to the world in her forthcoming album. She tells Wonderland Magazine, “The sound is very diverse; it just gives me sassy, fierce.”

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The EP has a song for almost every mood, as she focuses on helping everyone embrace what they’re going through and not be deterred by other’s wins.

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Speaking to Every Situation

As an artist, it’s always easy to do what’s comfortable for you, making you enjoy music that doesn't make you feel exposed and weak. But not for Kay. She’s not in for the easy road. She looks to help people enjoy the adversities of life and the uniqueness of everyone's situations by speaking into them and tying them up to her experiences.

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In a world where people often feel like they must follow other people’s paths to make it, this is a whole new turn. Her message is simple: get out of the closet, try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them without guilt.

According to her, music is the root of happiness, and that’s what she wants to bring. Making everyone feel comfortable on their path, as long as they are making progress and not getting caught up in other people’s wins.

Focusing On Being the Difference

Kay has always made it clear that her mission is to be the change she wants to see in the rap industry. She doesn't want to be soaked in by the industry by falling prey to its demands but to stay true to herself and shape her career. Unsurprisingly, she admits that being authentic and standing by what she believes in sets her apart from other artists in the industry, making the masses resonate with her music on a deeper level.

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In her music, she talks about sensitive topics like rape culture, HIV, diabetes, and more, voicing the uncomfortable truths about these struggles. But why? Why is she so passionate about encouraging people through their dark times?

Beneath her wholesome personality and calming smiles, she has revealed that she has type 1 diabetes. Growing up with the condition has opened her eyes to the struggles that people go through in their daily lives and she doesn’t want to act like life is all roses. She wants to make music that inspires people even in their lowest moments.

Making Authentic Music That Gets You Through Every Situation

The music industry, especially rap, is known to conform to an extremely narrow range of themes, mainly catering to jovial party moods. It’s adorable seeing a raper go out of her way to accommodate diverse groups of people, making them feel heard and accompanied. As you look forward to jamming to her EP, it’s only human to look into the love and acceptance she’s trying to spread and aspire to do the same.

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