Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris’ Approach to Mental and Physical Health


Dec. 4 2023, Published 9:12 p.m. ET

Naomie Harris has been acting for a while and she is quite popular for her acting prowess, especially in the James Bond movie series. She is one personality who doesn’t keep quiet about taking serious approaches toward maintaining healthy physical and mental health.

At the age of 43, Naomie confessed that her health remains her proudest accomplishment. The actress has been through her share of medical challenges but through strength and motivation she summoned enough courage to stand on her feet.

Naomi Battled Scoliosis as a Kid

One of Naomie’s motivations to promote mental and physical fitness is her battle against Scoliosis through her acting career. According to her interview with Shape, she was diagnosed with Scoliosis as a child, and that was when she learned the importance of staying fit mentally and physically.

The progression of Scoliosis had become even stronger when she was a teenager and she had to spend a month in hospital for recovery after a painful operation at the age of 11.

Naomie’s battle against Scoliosis taught her never to take her health for granted, having witnessed many kids who suffered the same conditions and never walked again. Today, Naomie takes her exercise routine seriously and appreciates the gift of her healthy body.

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Naomie’s Approach to Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Naomie’s approach is to meditate daily and abstain from alcohol and coffee. She also follows a strict healthy diet routine and according to her, she doesn’t abuse her body in any way.

She believes she gains enough strength from following a meditation and healthy eating routine that she channeled into her acting craft. An attestation to this statement was the manner she executed her role in the movie Black and Blue where she acted as a rookie cop, fighting corruption in the NYPD. Naomie also believes in gaining oral strength to handle her roles.

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Naomie Believes in Creating Work-Life Balance and Seeking Support

Naomie came to prominence in the 2016 Oscar Best Picture winner Moonlight, where she portrayed a drug-addicted mother.

Despite her loaded acting routine, Naomie finds time to create a work-life balance to maintain her health status. According to her, her relaxation techniques help prevent burnout, and she constantly engages in activities that drive inner peace and joy.

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She maintains constant touch with her close relatives and friends. She always emphasizes the need to maintain quality downtime, especially with mental therapists and mental health groups.

Naomie does not hesitate to seek support when needed. She advocates seeking therapy, counseling and even talking to well-meaning friends and associates. In most of her interviews, Naomi believes that a problem shared with the right person who can help is the key to resolving mental health issues.

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"Because I want to fully become an adult. Most of us operate as if we are adults, but we aren’t emotionally mature at all,” she told The Standard UK. “I did The Hoffman Process recently, which is all about learning re-parenting, because so many of us come from dysfunctional parents, and we get trapped in negative patterns that stem from that.”

Naomie Harris's approach to healthy living highlights the importance of taking a holistic approach to achieving stable mental and physical well-being that can be sustained.

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