Naomi arrives at the WWE's First-Ever Emmy "For Your Consideration" Event at Saban Media Center.

Wrestling and Runways: WWE Diva Naomi


Feb. 17 2024, Published 9:50 p.m. ET

Wrestling is so beautiful because it combines all of these different factors of performing, entertainment, and theatrics…..I just love that I have a world and a place where I can combine all those things that I love and do and bring people happiness because in return, that brings me happiness.”- Naomi, Busted Open Podcast.

About a decade or two ago, wrestlers were typically perceived as entertainers with no value beyond the ring. Fast forward, the world has transformed into this flexible idiomatic oyster where anyone can be whatever they want.

Consequently, wrestlers are fast embracing different industries. Naomi, a WWE SmackDown entertainer, is among the wrestlers breaking the mold, and taking on the idiomatic oyster. The 37-year-old wrestler ventured into mainstream fashion where she has been making a mark with every wake.

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Naomi’s WWE Journey

Naomi, born Trinity Fatu burst into the glare of publicity in 2009 when she signed with WWE. By the end of her second year, she had not only wrestled her way through the ranks to become the FCW Divas Champion but had also competed in the NXT and finished in second place. While her talent sure got her there, Naomi also exuded a magnetic aura that made her a fan favorite.

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A Unique Sense of Style

One more thing stood out about Naomi—her unique fashion sense, and personal sense of style. The Knockouts Champion would show up in the ring rocking heels, a full makeup face beat, and trendy outfits no other wrestler could match.

Naomi was especially renowned for her signature neon green outfits and wigs. However, she also rocked denim pieces, latex material outfits, and long wigs styled in pussy-cat buns that had her resembling Naomi Campbell, a model she admits inspired her ring name moniker.

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Dipping Her Toes Into the Fashion World

Naomi, Trinity Fatu initially wanted to be the knock-off version of Naomi Campbell and even went by her role model’s name in the ring. However, she soon realized it wasn’t giving, and ditched the idea.

“I couldn’t use my real name in the WWE, so Naomi was the name I selected because of the iconic supermodel. I had this character idea at the time of being this knockoff Naomi Campbell wanna-be which never happened. I now wrestle as Trinity which is my real name and I’m loving that,” Naomi told Schon Magazine.

Thankfully, the Smackdown wrestler did get a chance to live out her inner Campbell when she got into mainstream fashion. She has since walked multiple high-profile runways including New York Fashion Week in both New York and Los Angeles, where she caught the eyes of industry insiders and fashion insiders.

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This earned her other opportunities in mainstream fashion including a magazine photo shoot and interview with Schon, a popular British Fashion Magazine known for its groundbreaking fashion, beauty, and culture pieces. The pictures showcase Naomi rocking pieces from emerging yet high-end fashion houses like the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier. She has also collaborated with established fashion brands further cementing her status as a trendsetter. These high-profile appearances and collaborations have significantly propelled her growing influence in the world of fashion.

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Fueling Inclusivity Through Fashion

While Naomi’s influence on fashion trends is undeniable, her impact goes beyond the fashion industry. Her unique and eclectic fashion choices, as well as appearances as an African American woman in some of the most renowned runways, have helped challenge societal beauty standards, paving the way for greater representation.

Naomi’s success in and out of the ring empowers aspiring models and fashion lovers from all backgrounds to embrace their individuality and explore other fields they’re passionate about. It has also paved the way for other wrestlers to explore their fashion ventures. However, Naomi still enjoys wrestling and is currently an Impact wrestler.

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