Monet McMichael

Viral Moments: Monet McMichael’s Breakthroughs and Brand Deals


Feb. 7 2024, Published 10:53 p.m. ET

A touch of luck and the right following could turn one into a celebrity overnight, thanks to the power of social media. It sounds like the story of Monet McMichael, whose life drastically changed after a few of her posts on TikTok caught people's attention and went viral. Social media influencing is a newfound career path that’s transformed Monet’s life. In today’s article, we will delve into Monet McMichael’s journey to influencing, her breakthrough, and the brand deals she’s already secured.

The Road to Stardom

TikTok didn’t blow up until the pandemic when everyone got locked up in their houses and began participating in challenges. Monet McMichael, then a nursing student, would post normal videos of a normal girl living her life. She’d post videos of her applying makeup, washing her hair, DIY tutorials, home, family, and school.

When the “Get Ready With Me” series began to trend, she jumped in and posted what would make her an influencer. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the videos when Monet was fully dressed in great make-up that caught people’s attention. On the contrary, it was a video of her documenting one of her at-home DIY waxing journeys.

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Breaking the Ceiling

Monet McMichael’s waxing video garnered millions of views, and as fate would have it, that was the start of her social media-influencing career. Over time, as her videos continued to garner more views, the backdrops changed significantly to more glamorous views.

One of the influencer’s eyeshadow trick videos got more than 36 million views on TikTok. Monet certainly commanded a vast audience. Brands started looking for her, and her bags got heavier. She has more than 3 million followers and 130 million likes on TikTok alone. These numbers will continue to grow by the day as more people want to feed on her daily captivating content.

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Influencing Through Business

The content creator has an equally large following on other platforms, such as YouTube. In November 2022, Monet launched a collection with Amazon’s The Drop. The collection had amazing designs in various sizes, ranging from XXS to 3X. There were cargo pants, trench coats, lounge pants, and tops. She announced that the collection would be available for a limited time of 30 hours.

Monet fitted into some of the outfits, showing potential buyers what they’d look like wearing the outfits. Her articulation of ideas was nothing but genius, and many of her followers flocked to her YouTube channel to support and compliment her.

Bagging Major Deals

Besides entertainment, influencers are pretty effective in making brands and their products more visible. Now more than ever, major brands use content creators to market their products. With Monet’s growing followership, brands were bound to look for her and use her strong presence as a marketing tool.

Monet McMichael has worked with Fenty Beauty, Dior, MAC, Armani Beauty, Lululemon, and Estee Lauder. In another turn of events, Range Media Partners announced they’d be signing Monet. She joins a list of other public figures, such as Jack Kesy, Jenji Kohan, Perry Mason, Jessica Lowrey, and Halle Berry.

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The Taste of Victory

One of the things that made Monet successful as a content creator is her authenticity. One can’t help but marvel at how she’s been able to turn things around by simply showcasing some raw parts of her life. Just barely in her 20s, Monet decided to put the nursing scrubs down but is expected to climb higher in the echelons of influencing and content creation.

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