Monet McMichael

Earning Big in Beauty: How Monet McMichael Makes $4 Million a Year


Sep. 9 2023, Published 3:15 p.m. ET

Everyone keeps wondering how Monet McMichael has been able to build a multi-million-dollar empire through her lifestyle, beauty, and fashion-influencing career. Many before Monet can hardly boast of a slice of her fortune and the question is what is so unique about her strategy that others don’t seem to replicate or mimic?

Monet is one of the biggest social media influencers especially in TikTok where she mostly speaks, motivates, and trains individuals who want to improve their lifestyle and beauty. Those who practice what Monet preaches provide great testimonials and these seem to resonate with new followers every time.

From the research conducted, the following seems to be the main element of Monet’s strategies and approach to building her lucrative beauty and lifestyle influencer career.

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Content Uniqueness

One thing about Monet McMichael’s content is that they are always unique and can’t be found anywhere else except her pages. As a successful influencer, she stands out by constantly showcasing her authentic self and never-before-seen unique styles. Her approach is to use a distinctive voice and aesthetically appealing and trusted products within her chosen beauty and lifestyle industry. These elements set Monet apart from other influencers in the beauty niche.

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Consistent Content Delivery

Monet always keeps to time; hence she leaves no space for her followers to find alternative influencers to look up to. She takes time to create top-quality content, and that is why she has built a loyal audience. Her beauty tutorials are always engaging, likewise her tips, and other content that can transform lives positively. These are the reasons why Monet’s content always resonates with different audiences across her social media platforms.

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Quality Partnerships and Collaborations

Without quality partnerships and collaborations, it would have been practically impossible for Monet to build a successful multi-million-dollar influencer business. She invites other popular influencers to motivate and advise her followers. Monet works with several trusted beauty and lifestyle brands and according to Teen Vogue includes Zara, Maison Ernest, and many more established brands. She has almost over 3 million followers on TikTok and over 1 million on Instagram.

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Constant Engagement and Interaction on Social Media

Monet makes it a duty to constantly interact with her audiences on and off social media because she believes it is one of the best ways to keep them on her page.

She maintains a strong connection with her followers by responding to comments and inbox messages. She also encourages her followers to be involved in content creation to foster a sense of community. According to Forbes, she currently has a 13 percent engagement rate (the average for most influences is 2 percent).

Platform Diversification

Money McMichael has built a successful personal brand that continues to reflect her values and expertise. She shares these values and expertise across multiple channels to establish her strong presence. She understands which social network platform works best for her marketing strategies and brand image; hence she adapts her content to suit these channels’ requirements.

Monet also uses the appropriate monetization strategies including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, product launching, and sales. Monet’s beauty and lifestyle influencer strategy should be a blueprint for all aspiring beauty influencers out there.

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