Misty Copeland

Misty is Making Moves


Feb. 17 2024, Published 11:21 p.m. ET

Misty Copeland has made her mark on the dance world by being crowned as the first African American female principal dancer with the American Ballet.

In addition to being an author Copeland also narrates the stunning documentary A Ballerina’s Tale, which details some of her greatest challenges and triumphs thus far.

Misty’s Meals

Copeland makes a point to detest the stigma surrounding the diets of dancers and ballerinas. The myth of dancers not being athletes has lived far too long and the need for balance is what drives Misty’s choices in the kitchen.

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In addition to healthy fruits and vegetables, there's also home-made pizza, cookies and wine in her diet. While nutrition can be a challenge for many, especially those who struggle financially, it is important to note that everything does not work for everyone. No two people are exactly the same, so trial and error can be the best teacher when it comes to securing a healthy, fueling diet.

Coming Up

Kansas City born, San Pedro raised, Copeland has not only made major moves in the world of dance but she is also doing so in the world of fitness and health. In her youth, Misty was given an opportunity by her teacher, who saw great potential in her. With this opportunity it is clear that she managed to do very well for herself.

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As a child, she admits to eating “like a bird”, but is happy to proclaim that it takes time to figure out what works for your body. Misty speaks of how she ate sunflower seeds as a kid a lot and she still holds nuts as her go-to snack. The process of modifying and evolving her diet over time plays a major role in her approach to her daily life now.

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A Daily Routine

Her routines and meal plans have been helping change lifestyles for some years now and she’s still going strong.

One could say that her level of discipline and determination are to thank. Nevertheless, we must also give credit where it’s due and that is a solid daily routine. Misty says, “I’m not working out and sweating, but I have little light weights that I’ll put on my ankles and I’ll do inner thigh exercises and calf raises and things like that,” she explained. “Just getting those small little muscles that once I start my day, it’s so hard to focus on because I do so much other stuff.”

Misty details her daily routines and good habits by emphasizing the importance of a few things.

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1. Hydration

Copeland was quoted saying she sleeps with water beside her bed. She highlights how starting her day with water is a key component to her overall health routine.

2. Some Form of Exercise

She explains what her morning routine consists of; working out her small muscle groups and using light weights just to get started. With a full schedule, it’s hard to find the time to do much of anything, much less get a good workout in.

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3. Fueling Foods

She also mentioned the importance of eating foods that fuel her body and won’t weigh her down or have her too stuffed to function.She also says, "There is this stigma attached to being a ballet dancer that we don't eat and that we aren't athletes’. While this stigma isn’t new, we can see that Misty’s dietary choices are rendering her well as an athlete and as a mom.

Perhaps we could all make a note of that. It’s so easy to grab something cheap or quick between meetings or errands, but taking a moment to consider a healthier option can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

Balanced Ballerina

It’s no secret that a healthy balance is what we all need in our lives. While we are all busy we must remember that taking the time to take care of ourselves is very important and can make or break our daily experiences and overall health. We often say that if we don’t make time for wellness we will have to make time for our illness. This is a simplistic and catchy way to relay such a powerful message. However, it is true and real.

A tip of our hats and a click of our dancing shoes to Misty; we appreciate her solid advice.

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